Antibiotics During Pregnancy : Is it dangerous?

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What is more special than looking at life take a new form as a child? Probably, the mother who spent nine months to make that possible. Yet, while we are excited about taking care of the mother, we forget some really important facts. Pain and cramps are so common during this time. Antibiotics during pregnancy, while some say it does not affect much, let us actually read more about what risk factors does the intake involves.


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We are not here to scare you but tell you the truth that is illuminated. In the case of pregnancy and antibiotics, a lot of research has been put to examine the effects. The study, a collaboration between MCRI and Aarhus University of Denmark, found children between the ages of newborn up to 14 years of age, of women prescribed antibiotics closer to birth or prescribed more than one antibiotic in pregnancy, had an even greater risk of infection.



Similarily other research like the one by the International Journal of Epidemiology said that a chance of women being prescribed antibiotics has led to complications during the period of pregnancy. Those born vaginally had an increased risk of infection than those born by cesarean section when mothers were prescribed antibiotics during pregnancy.



According to those conducting the research believe this is related to the influence of the gut microbiome. This is because a vaginally born baby gets their microbiome from the mother’s gut and birth canal. Whereas babies born by cesarean section acquire a microbiome from the mother’s skin and the hospital environment.



The greatest risk for hospitalized infection was a gastrointestinal infection in children born vaginally to mothers who were prescribed antibiotics in pregnancy. The child’s gut microbiome is particularly important in gastrointestinal infections.



Well, now that we have given you knowledge about what can be dangerous, let us tell you what cannot be harmful: Usually, doctors prescribed antibiotics in pregnancy. The specific medication (antibiotics) must be chosen carefully during pregnancy.


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Some antibiotics during pregnancy are “Fine” while others are not. Safety of antibiotics depends on various factors, such as the type of antibiotic, how much you take antibiotics in pregnancy when in your pregnancy you take the antibiotic, and what are the possible effects it might have on your pregnancy.



Following are some example of Antibiotics during pregnancy considered safe:


  • Penicillins


  • Cephalosporins


  • Erythromycin


  • Clindamycin



But certain other antibiotics are believed to pose risks during pregnancy such as tetracyclines can harm as discoloring of a developing baby’s teeth. Tetracyclines antibiotics during pregnancy aren’t recommended for use after the 15th.


If an antibiotic during pregnancy is the safest way to treat your condition, surely, your healthcare provider will prescribe you the safest antibiotic with the safest dosage. If you have further doubt, then do visit our website for more information.


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