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Managing chronic diseases has never been easy. With so many extra works to do and so many things to manage. One of them is the insulin pump. Wondering where have you heard it? Let us remind you insulin pumps and diabetes are usually called out for together. It is because, in this condition, issues with insulin are very obvious. Insulin has a major role in maintaining or disrupting the levels of sugar level in the blood. People with type 1 diabetes don’t produce insulin. As mentioned it is a hormone that helps the body use sugar as the key source of energy. If you have type 1 diabetes you must make up for the lack of insulin with insulin therapy.


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What are the Types of Insulin Pumps?


There are two major types of insulin pumps that are used by the patients. There are as follows:

Traditional Insulin pumps:


In the Traditional Insulin pumps, an insulin reservoir and pumping mechanism are attached to the body with tubing and an infusion set. The pump body contains buttons that allow you to program insulin delivery for meals. It is very specific to types of basal rates, or suspend the insulin infusion, if necessary.


Insulin Patch Pumps:


These are worn directly on the body and have a reservoir, pumping mechanism, and infusion set inside a small case. The Patch pumps are controlled wireless. They are actually monitored by a separate device that allows programming of insulin delivery for meals from the patch.


Insulin Pump and Diabetes Working Together:


We will help you understand what are the important parts of the insulin pump and how it works. When it comes to the traditional pumps the following parts are to be kept in mind, just like an insulin pump and diabetes.


The Pump:


These are battery-powered and contain an insulin reservoir. Also, they have a pumping mechanism, and buttons or touch screen to program insulin delivery. Pumps send insulin through tubing into an infusion set that delivers the insulin to your body.


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You will see a thin plastic tube that is connected to the insulin reservoir. It is through this that insulin flows into the subcutaneous tissue through the infusion set. The length of the pipe might be different and varied. It actually depends on how you wear the insulin pump.


Infusion Set:


Infusions sets are made of Teflon or steel and attach to your skin with an adhesive patch. On the underside of the infusion set is a short thin tube. These are inserted in your skin with a small needle that is within the cannula to deliver insulin into a layer of fatty tissue. The needle is actually necessary to puncture the skin and insert the set. After insertion, remove the needle and the thin cannula stays under the skin. The set is usually implanted around your stomach area but can be placed on the thigh, hips, upper arms, or buttocks. Insulin Pump and Diabetes control have too many links and we will see how they actually work.


How Does Insulin Pump work?


The pump is about the size of a smartphone. You attach it to your body using an infusion set: thin plastic tubing and either a needle or a small tapered tube called a cannula you put under the skin. The place where it is kept is called the infusion site. Some pumps come with inserters for easier placement even in hard-to-reach areas.


Insulin pumps use short-acting and rapid-acting insulin, but not long-acting, since the pump is programmed to deliver a small amount continuously to keep your blood sugar levels even. Hence when considering your insulin pump and diabetes management, you must ensure that you know the dose. For any further help, you can always visit our website.


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