Powering Healthcare In India Along With Startups

Somya Verma

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With the new year start, we have two most remarkable men sharing their views in the recent article of The Hindu. Amitabh Kant and Indu Bushan, CEO of Niti Ayog and Ayushman Bharat respectively put a different aspect of health care and innovation with a startup culture. This has so many new additions on the points of startup culture and innovative ideas that help the private player to join the healthcare platform.


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The article talks about 1) Supply Side, 2) Transformative solutions and also addresses some constraints. The two men have said and tried to inform by the article about the new and revolutionizing healthcare sector. The article informed that the idea of Ayushman Bharat has been implemented by 32 of 36 States and Union Territories.


The article states, “At present, there is one government bed for every 1,844 patients and one doctor for every 11,082 patients. In the coming years, considering 3% hospitalization of PM-JAY-covered beneficiaries, the scheme is likely to provide treatment to 1.5 crore patients annually. This means physical and human infrastructure capacity would need to be augmented vastly. Conservative estimates suggest we would need more than 150,000 additional beds, especially in Tier-2 and -3 cities.”


The point about startups is something to think about, the article says that these drivers of growth have challenges to face. It is true as well, the cash crunch is so high, that you cannot really sustain in such a big industry. However, startups like GoMedii which have built a very satisfying and well-established system and are always diversifying, need more opportunities than money! There is no doubt that credit is the first few things that are very important but the opportunity to expand also means a lot.


The article very well puts in the words, “Another hurdle is the lack of incentives and adequate frameworks to grade and adopt innovations. Health-care providers and clinicians, given limited bandwidth, often lack the incentives, operational capacity, and frameworks necessary to consider and adopt innovations. This leads to limited traction for start-ups promoting innovative solutions.”


What makes the startup a difficult yet good option in healthcare?


The fact behind startups is very well put up by the two men in business. The fact that startups are scared is the amount of documentation that is required to enter any business in India. The article reads, “Start-ups also face procurement challenges in both public and private procurement. They lack the financial capacity to deal with lengthy tenders and the roundabout process of price discovery. Private procurement is complicated by the presence of a fragmented customer base and limited systematic channels for distribution.”



The article very well informs the related consumers and reader of how innovation can bring change. It says, “To accelerate this process of mainstreaming innovations within the hospital system in India, we need to focus on identifying promising market-ready health-care innovations that are ready to be tested and deployed at scale. There is a need to facilitate standardized operational validation studies that are required for market adoption, to help ease out the start-up procurement process such that these solutions can be adopted with confidence. This, in effect, will serve the entire ecosystem of health-care innovators by opening up health-care markets for all.”



India is on the path of revolutionizing the healthcare all over, at GoMedii we just try to enshrine this idea in a better way.


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