World Family Doctor Day 2019: Importance, and Theme

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World Family Doctor Day 2019


World Family Doctor Day (WFDD) is celebrated globally on 19th May. World Family Doctor Day was first announced by WONCA ( World Organization of Family Doctors ) in 2010 and it becomes a day to remember the role and contribution of family doctors in health care systems all over the world.


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It is a marvelous chance to accept the central role of our specialty in the delivery of personal, comprehensive and continuing health care for all of our patients. So it’s also a great chance to celebrate the advancement being made in family medicine and some special contributions of family doctors globally.




World Family Doctor Day Theme 2019:



Theme Family doctor day 2019: “Family doctors – caring for you for the whole of your life”



Member Organizations to develop their own theme for FDD, it depending on local priorities, but this year they especially like to highlight the role of family doctors in providing life- long care to their patients – “from cradle to grave”. Although, the family doctors have a major role in the management of children and also their vital role in palliative and end of life care.




In 2018 most of our collaborator across the world celebrated the day by organizing a variety of events and such amazing activities, and we received photographs and reports from many countries, which we were able to feature in WONCA News.




Why World Family Doctor Day is Celebrated?




A family doctor-patient relationship is one of the most trusted in health care. It is a relationship both the doctor and patient have been nurturing since a patient’s first visit and often the patient’s first encounter with the health care system.




Facts About Family Doctors Day:



Family doctors play an important role in access to health care as they are geographically distributed across the country more equitably than physicians from any other specialty. The role of the general physician doctors near me is to keep a check on my health every time I visit him.




  • They improve the overall health of the community in terms of preventive services, better management of chronic illnesses.


  • Family doctor helps to reduce the risk of health disparities in underserved populations lacking access to primary health care.


  • They are more aware of the specific needs of the community and changing epidemiological patterns and variations in available resources so they can be an important person in planning various health services.


  • Family physicians can provide quality and cost-effective healthcare; their close contact with society can be helpful in the management of non-communicable diseases and also for strengthening of preventive and promotive health-related activities in the community.



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