Do You Wake Up Tired in the Morning Even After A Full Night’s Sleep?

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In our busy schedule, a good diet and a healthy lifestyle play a major role in making us fit to enhance our day to day activities. But if you generally wake up tired in the morning, it might make your day hell. All day long, you might feel low, lazy, cranky and frustrated because you haven’t taken a deep sleep or a quality sleep. Today we are going to discuss the reason behind Wake up tired in the morning how can we manage our sleep pattern in better ways.


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What is the Reason For Waking up Tired in the Morning?



5 major reasons for waking up tired in the morning:



1. Going to bed at the wrong time


Remember, you have a specific chronotype and if you wake up at a time that is not consistent with your chronotype, it can make mornings miserable. For example, if you are a night owl and not taking sufficient sleep or you are going to the office without taking sleep then you might feel terrible all the day because your brain still wants to produce melatonin, while you are trying to wake up.


2. Having something which is reducing your sleep quality


Caffeine and alcohol are one of the major issues. Alcohol makes you feel sleepy and tired, it actually keeps you out of the deep stages of sleep, which makes you feel terrible in the morning. Caffeine does the same thing as alcohol, this excitant keeps the brain out of the deeper stages of sleep, which also makes poor sleep.


3.  The environment which disturbs your sleep


There are a lot of different things which can be impacting your sleep in the bedroom. I look around the room based on the 5 senses and see what is being affected. But if you want to do just one thing, I suggest limiting blue light exposure at night. Remember blue light will keep Melatonin from being produced, which is critical for good rest.


4. Staying too long in bed


Many of the people hit the snooze 5-10 times while trying to get up in the am. This is a terrible idea and here is why: the average snooze button is about 7-9 minutes long, this does not give your brain the time it needs to get back into a deeper more refreshing stage of sleep. So, during the last 30-50 min of shut-eye, you are actually getting broken, collapse sleep.


5. You could have a sleep disorder


While the symptoms may be mild, there are many sleep disorders which can affect sleep quality. A typical one is sleep apnea, but others include Narcolepsy, Insomnia, and Restless Legs Syndrome.



What are the Best Ways to Manage your Tiredness in the Morning?


There are some amazing ways to manage this  tiredness in the morning such as :


Lifestyle Changes


Diet and exercise take a long way towards getting better rest at night and being more alert during the day. Maintaining a healthy diet with routine exercise can dramatically affect the way you perform throughout the day.


Foods to Avoid to Improve Sleep


Foods high in sugar and caffeine can have a temporary energy-boosting effect on the mind and body’s alertness but is often followed by a crashing feeling which can last much longer than the short energy-surge you were after.



  • Fatty foods and processed carbs have also been related to daytime sleepiness. These foods may fill you up but they’re not loaded with the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to produce ample amounts of energy.


  • Spicy foods close to bedtime. Spicy foods are notorious for causing heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux. Heartburn can be made worse while lying down as it allows the acids to creep up into the esophagus and burn the sensitive lining.



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 Increase Quality of Sleep with Healthy Choices



  • Eat More Healthy Foods


Eating more foods which naturally boost your daily energy levels can go a long way in helping you feel more alert every day. Eat more natural, unprocessed carbs. Eat foods which are rich in antioxidants, amino acids, proteins and high in vitamins. A short list of high energy foods would be leafy greens, whole grains, tree nuts, lean meats, eggs, fruits (especially apples, bananas, and blueberries), and bell peppers just to name a few.



  •  Exercise


Regular physical activity can go a long way in curing your daytime fatigue. Exercise breeds energy. It is suggested that you exercise at least 30- 40 minutes a day, 4 days a week. Aside from the energy boost, you’ll experience, exercise also releases endorphins which will leave you simply “feeling good” about yourself.



Getting the Right Amount of Quality Sleep



Excessive sleep can be just as bad as too little sleep. It is very important to dial in your personal body clock so that you feel energetic, refreshed and ready to tackle the day, every day.


  • To do this, figure out what time you need to get up in the morning.


  • Count back 7.5 hours as a good time to start getting to bed.


  • 7.5 hours is a great pattern because the average person goes through five 90 minute sleep cycles alternating between sleep and deep sleep.



Practice Better Sleep Habits



  • Stay Away From Your Gadgets at Night


This is the simplest yet hardest habit to break. The artificial light produce from your cellphone, tablet, laptop, television set, e-reader, portable game console, etc, tricks your brain into believing it needs to stay awake because it associates light with daytime. This deception can disrupt your circadian rhythm, which in turn leads to poorer sleep at night and feeling rundown during the day.


  • Keep Your Room Dark and Quiet


At night If possible, turn off all the lights. If this is not possible, leave one dim light on or use a nightlight. It will help you to sleep appropriately.





Here, we have discussed Wake up tired in the morning and its reason behind and some lifestyle changes ways to make our health good. If you constantly facing some health or sleep-related issues soo immediately consult a doctor because the doctor is the one who treats this according to your condition.


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