Sleep Apnea: If You Snore, It May Be More Than Annoyance

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

A good morning starts after a proper sleep over the night, but if you are not able to sleep during the night, Your day starts with a tiring mood and laziness. It can be very frustrating to wake up tired in the morning because your morning decides how your day is going to be. If you are one of them, then you might be dealing with a sleeping disorder which is known as Sleep Apnea. It can lead to snoring which can disturb the sleep of others as well.


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Your snoring could be a sign of sleep apnea. And not knowing you have sleep apnea puts you at risk for a variety of apnea-related health hazards including clogged arteries, stroke, and diabetes.


The good news is there are plenty of ways to successfully treat sleep apnea, enjoy better sleep, and live a long, healthy life.


Want to Know the Common Symptoms And Complications of Sleep Apnea?


The most common signs and symptoms of obstructive and central include:


  • Loud snoring


  • Stop and start breathing during sleep


  • Gasping for air while sleep


  • Waking with a dry mouth


  • Headache in morning


  • Difficulty staying asleep (insomnia)


  • Hypersomnia


  • Difficulty paying attention while awake


  • Irritability


Here is the list of complications that can increase your risk of the following disorders:



  • Atrial fibrillation


  • Cancers, like pancreatic, renal, and skin cancers



  • Cognitive and behavioral disorders


  • Visuospatial memory


  • Diseases of the heart and blood vessel


  • Eye disorders


  • Metabolic disorders



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Is your snoring really sleep apnea?


One of the most common signs of sleep apnea is something your partner may notice — loud snoring punctuated by brief pauses in your breathing, followed by gasping or choking noises. These noises can happen hundreds of times every night.


But if your partner is a heavy sleeper or if you sleep alone, you may miss this telltale sign. Luckily, there are also 8 other symptoms of sleep apnea and they’re all revealed in Harvard’s new Snoring and Sleep Apnea Guide.


The fastest way to find out if you have sleep apnea is to take a special 8-question sleep apnea quiz – on page 9 of Harvard’s Snoring and Sleep Apnea Guide. Plus find out what your best options are for getting diagnosed if your quiz results are positive.




In the above blog, we have discussed sleep apnea and its common symptoms. As we have discussed snoring is the most common symptom of sleep apnea that disturbs your and your partner’s sleep equally. The treatment for the same is CPAP Machines and BiPAP Machines that you can order from our website by clicking here.

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