Good Hand Hygiene Habits in Kids

Divya Tripathi

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How much understanding does your little brat have of good hand hygiene? It might appear as a small little act but is of quite an importance. Know- good hand hygiene habits in kids can help them to fight off the germs and combat illness and diseases. The first approach to stay healthy is to keep themselves clean. As a parent, the responsibility lies in your hand to teach your kid about the importance of maintaining good hand hygiene.


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Indeed hand hygiene in kids is of very important but the same goes for everyone as well. Maintain proper hand hygiene can n0t only prevent the spread of germs and viruses but also can promote once well being.


Basic of Hand Hygiene habits in kids


When teaching your kid about good hand hygiene, ensure the following basic listed thing below:


1. Cover when cough and sneeze


It’s a general practice to cover your mouth with your arms or sleeves or use tissues when doing the same. Give a good brief of the same to make good hand hygiene habits in kids.


 2.  Hand wash


The basic idea of hand wash is that it prevents the spread of germs through hand contact. Teaching regular practice of hand wash will help your child and others from getting sick. Promote the well being of your child by encouraging them to wash there hand with soap and water Whenever;


  • their hands get dirty,


  • before eating and after eating,


  • after touching any body fluid as in blood, urine or vomit,


  • after contacting any pet or animal,


  • later to sneezing and coughing, and


  • done using the washroom.


3. Shower regularly


Indulge your kid to practice a regular bedtime routine of taking bathing. It is necessary for your kids to take a regular bath. Properly cleaning the whole body including underarms, their genitals, and pat dry with a towel before putting on clothes.


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 Right steps of Maintaining Good Hand Hygiene habits in kids


Here you can teach your kid the right way to wash hands with soap and water:


1. First, damp your hand with running water.


2. Dispense soap into the palm.


3. Rub it properly over the surface of your hand, between fingers for at least 20 seconds.


4. Wash it off with running water.


5. Pat dry your hands with a towel.


Now, here is the right way to clean hand using hand sanitizer:



  • Srub your hand with an adequate amount of hand gel or foam. No need to apply water.


  • Spread it thoroughly over the surface of both the hands, again including fingers.


  • Rub it properly until dry.


The right way to bring good hand hygiene habits in kids is to start teaching them all this at an early age. This way it will become a lifelong habit. Another way for the same can be by making this activity fun for them. Make sure that they do not rush and wash their hand properly.


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