5 Different Types of Insomnia – A Sleep Disorder

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Science has it that at least an 8hr sleep is necessary, but how many are able to get the ideal hours o sleep? In this hectic life schedule where even 8hrs seems like a heavy task to complete, we have problems like different types of insomnia that does not allow individuals to sleep properly. It is not a lifestyle that people follow, it is a disease that affects people of all ages and especially those in the age bracket of 15-40 yrs. There are various types of insomnia, their causes, symptoms, and ways that it can be treated.


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Types of Insomnia


Insomnia can be defined as a sleeping disorder that results in no sleep at night but day sleeping which does not allow the body to feel rested or refreshed. Some of the types are:



1) Acute Insomnia


This kind of insomnia is basically of a short term. It is because of the stress that you have been dealing with lately and due to which you have not been able to sleep. It can happen due to various reasons which even include the change of the environment that you are working or staying and many very common reasons. It stays continues hardly for about a week or a few days.



2) Chronic Insomnia


When have trouble sleeping at least three days per week for at least one month, there are high chances that you are already suffering from Chronic Insomnia. You have to consult a doctor at this stage.


Chronic insomnia can be of two types usually, first is the primary and next is the secondary. Primary chronic insomnia or also called idiopathic insomnia has no such medical condition concerned with it. Secondary insomnia, also called comorbid insomnia, is more common. It’s chronic insomnia that occurs with another condition.



3) Onset Insomnia


When you have trouble initiating sleep then maybe you are suffering from Onset Insomnia. This kind can be both chronic and short-termed. There can be a psychological or a trauma-related in most cases of such kind of insomnia. According to various observations and studies in 2009, Onset insomnia also leads to other sleeping disorder.



4) Maintenance Insomnia


In this type, you will find difficulty in staying asleep and also face trouble in going back to sleep. This type of insomnia leads to thinking and worrying about how to get enough sleep. This interferes with sleep further, creating a cycle that one cannot come out of.



5) Childhood Behavior


Mostly found in the younger age of life. This kind has been found at least in the 25% of the children that have been observed.


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Symptoms of Insomnia


It must be a thing to provoke that what are the symptoms to say that one is suffering or might suffer from insomnia. Here you have your answer :


• Early morning rise, not by choice but by force

• Not feeling fresh despite enough sleep

• You become light sleeper or difficulty in sleeping at all

• Tiredness and fatigue

• Mood swings

• Feeling irritated



Causes of Insomnia


There can be innumerable causes of why you do not sleep at night but then there is a very typical pattern watched in most of the patients of insomnia:


• Environment change and also factors like light and noise

• Discomforts like pain in the body or illness

• Taking a certain kind of medication

• Diseases like diabetes and other chronic ailments

• Disturbed mental health like depression and anxiety

• Caffeine and some other supplement intake



Treatments of Insomnia


Under the treatment of insomnia, experts suggest cognitive behavioral therapy in most severe cases. In other cases, these can be tried out to treat insomnia


• Avoiding caffeinated beverages near bedtime

• Avoiding exercise near bedtime

• Minimizing the time spent on your bed when you do not have to sleep

Other methods also include meditation and to some extent some of the essential oils which can be applied in order to help you sleep.


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