Know the Major Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease

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When your body is suffering from chronic diseases, other organs are also affected. Like we know diabetes and CKD are linked. So here we will try to see the complications of chronic kidney disease. Heart failure, kidney failure, urinary tract infections, and renal diseases are some of which we will discuss. You must know that there will be common problems like blood pressure levels and other life-threatening complications that can happen.


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What is Chronic Kidney Disease?


Chronic kidney disease is also known as chronic kidney failure. It describes the gradual loss of kidney function. Kidneys filter the wastes and excess fluids from the blood, which are then excreted in your urine. When long term kidney disease reaches an advanced stage, dangerous levels of fluid, electrolytes and wastes can build up in your body.


The complication of Chronic Kidney Disease?



Does the Complication of Chronic Kidney Disease Affect the Heart?


Yes, you must know and realize that each of the organs is interconnected. When the heart pumps fresh blood, kidneys remove the waste from it. Hence when your kidney gets affected the complication of kidney disease may lead to heart problems. These problems are heart failure or stroke.


It might be weird to say that heart disease is a cause of Chronic Kidney disease. Let us explain to you in the simplest way. When the heart is not able to pump blood properly, who will take the pressure to purify it? Well, yes they are our kidneys which results in CKD.



Is Gout a Complication of Chronic Kidney Disease?


Gout which is a kind of Arthritis is a common condition. It causes swelling and pain in your joints. Gout is considered a chronic as it does not have a cure. It is in most of the cases that will usually last your whole life. Kidney disease can lead to gout, and gout may lead to kidney disease. If you have either condition, talk to your doctor about preventing the other.



Anemia, Is It a Complication of Chronic Kidney Disease?


Well yes. Those who suffer from kidney diseases are likely to even suffer from Anemia. Anemia and renal disease at the end-stage actually go hand in hand. This is also known as kidney failure. Most people with kidney failure who are on dialysis have anemia. Kidney transplant patients are also at higher risk for anemia.

Healthy kidneys help send signals to your bones to make red blood cells, so if your kidneys fail, they may not be able to help your body make the red blood cells it needs.


A complication of Chronic Kidney Disease can be High Potassium:


Yes, you heard it right. A healthy kidney would easily filter the extra potassium in the body. When you have kidney disease, your kidneys cannot remove extra potassium in the right way. It results in too much potassium in your blood.


When there is too much potassium in your blood hyperkalemia. It is dangerous to have high potassium content in your blood. High potassium can even cause a heart attack or death! You only get to know the high potassium only when it is too late.


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What are the Symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease?


It is one of the scariest of chronic disease because it does not show its self up until the issue is out of hand. So one should always look out for these symptoms.


There are some symptoms if your kidneys are beginning to fail:


1. Itching

2. Muscle cramps

3. Nausea and vomiting

4. Not feeling hungry

5. Swelling in your feet and ankles

6. Too much urine (pee) or not enough urine

7. Trouble catching your breath

8. Trouble in sleeping


In some of the cases the kidneys stop working suddenly (acute kidney failure), you may notice one or more of the following symptoms:


1. Abdominal (belly) pain

2. Back pain

3. Diarrhea

4. Fever

5. Nosebleeds

6. Rash

7. Vomiting



What are the Major Facts of Chronic Kidney Disease?


It is Really Harmful:


According to the Kidney Health for everyone ” Between 8 and 10% of the adult population have some form of kidney damage, and every year millions die prematurely of complications related to Chronic Kidney Diseases (CKD).” Hence we can see how common it is to suffer from CKD. While it is harmful because it might lead to kidney failure if it is detected at an early stage it can be manageable.


Women are the Most Vulnerable:


According to the National Chronic Kidney Disease Fact Sheet, 2017 the percentage of people suffering from Chronic kidney disease has been seen more in women than in men. The report stated, CKD is estimated to be more common in women than in men (16% vs 13%).


High Risks Involved:


CKD can end up in a lot of risk from the disease. It can lead to diabetes and also blood pressure problems. So, get your doctor’s help to see if you are suffering from the Kidney or not.



Complications of Chronic Kidney Disease must be kept in close watch. It is because some of them can lead to life-threatening incidents as mentioned above. You must take care of your health when suffering from CKD. You can find diet plans and other help regarding chronic conditions by visiting our website.


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