World Red Cross Day 2019 : Overview, Theme and Objective

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World Red Cross Day is celebrated on 8th of May every year as the birthday anniversary of the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant. He is also the founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). He was the recipient of the 1st Nobel Peace Prize and a famous person.


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World Red Cross Day 2019:


World Red Cross Day is an annual event celebration, celebrating the principles of “International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement”. It is celebrated every year to pay tribute to the volunteers participated in the event as well as to welcome their precious contribution to helping people in need.


What is the World Red Cross Day 2019 Theme?


The theme of World Red Cross Day 2019 is “#love”. This theme mainly focuses on asking people for their love about the Red Cross and Red Crescent.


Many blood donation camps are organized at different places across the country and the organization asks people to donate blood on a humanitarian basis and help those who are in distress.


Why The World Red Cross Day is Celebrated?


World Red Cross Day has become a major day in world history which was started celebrating every year to play a vital role in the life-saving happening. It is celebrated to honor the birthday anniversary of Henri Dunant, founder of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).



The aim of this day is to provide relief to common people in distress and desolation due to war, food shortage, epidemic diseases or natural calamities. The celebration of this day is highlighted by the theme of the year to fulfill the aim of celebration and aware the people regarding its importance. It also aims to connect as much as possible with the private or governmental organizations to participate regionally and to be an active member to help needed people suffering from any kind of disaster.


Objectives of the World Red Cross Day Celebration:


This day is celebrated to provide peace and relief to the injured people to reduce the death rate due to the disasters.


  • It helps to put active efforts all over the world to prevent casual death due to epidemic illnesses.


  • It helps people who are living in unprotected or endangered areas to manage public health emergencies.


  • Empowers civil societies and their members, and other involved local communities to provide an immediate reaction to the health disasters in dangerous situations.


  • It helps in restoring human dignity.


  • It helps the people to heal the wound on the battlefield by providing nursing care.


  • Provides the therapy to the prisoners of war and helps to find out the missing persons during the conflict.


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