Get Local SIM In India 3 Easy Ways With These Tips

When tourists come to India they face the biggest issue of network and it is not easy to get a local sim in India. So in this India travel blog, you will get to know which prepaid India sim card is best for you, which the best sim card in India for tourists is, and how to get a sim card in India in 3 easy ways!

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How to Get a Local SIM in India?


As an international traveler,  you must be worried about day-to-day contact through cellular phones. You do not have to worry, India provides easy SIM cards, see here how!


1. Get Local Sim in India at the airport


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When you land in India you can get a local sim card at Airport only. This is the best way to get local Sim from Airport the process is quick and easy and you’ll be connected with plenty of data within 2-3 hours of arriving in India.

The only Indian sim card provider at the airport is Airtel but the coverage and package they offer is pretty much the best sim card in India for tourists to get so that’s all you need.

Documents required to get a sim card at the airport are:

  • Copy of passport
  • Photographs

2. Get Local Sim in India at your Hotel or Hostel.


Another good option to get an India prepaid sim is to get it from the hotel you are staying at. Getting a local sim for tourists like this will cost a bit extra as they have to add on a commission for the hostel and you literally have someone from Vodafone Sim Card India or Airtel visit the hostel to complete the paperwork with you.

Documents required to get a sim card at the airport are:

  • Copy of passport
  • Photographs
  • Visa


3. Get local Sim in India from a Store.


Vodafone and Airtel are India’s largest network providers. Getting Local sims from stores will be costly and difficult. This is because you’ll likely be asked for more information like an Indian number and Indian address to register your sim.. which you do not have!

Documents required to get a sim card at the airport are:

  • Copy of passport
  • Photographs

They will also provide you with the contract which includes information like the time period for using the sim card, Personal details.


What are the Prices of Prepaid Sim Cards in India?


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The cost of sim cards in India, there are different international sim card packages in India. Generally, you can get packages for 28 days, 60 days, 82 days, and 90 days. You will get data per day, For example, the Delhi Airport sim card package is 900Rs / £10.00 / $12.50, 1.4GB of data each day which refreshes each day. Unlimited calls to Indian numbers. Validity for 82 days.


What are the different network providers in India?

Airtel and Vodafone are India’s biggest network providers. The coverage is not the same all over the country.
Vodafone and Airtel work well in North India but Airtel worked better in South India than Vodafone India sim card. Jio is another popular network provider. Contact us for better assistance! 

Is it necessary to get local Sim in India?

Yes, it is better to get a local sim in India as:

  • It will provide you with network services that will help you to access data.
  • It will also reduce the cost of international calls
  • It is easy to communicate with the other service providers

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