How Do I Extend My Medical Visa! Know The Process

As we all know that this pandemic has a very tough time for everyone. According to the Indian government, dated 30.03.2021, e-Visa under the following categories E-Medical Visa has been restored. Before that, you must know that GoMedii will take care of all your Visa documentation and issues, you don’t need to worry about it.


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Indian Government has reintroduced medical visas for foreign nationals across the world seeking specialty medical treatment in India for extended periods.


The high-quality healthcare industry and technologically advanced equipment attract patients from both developing and developing nations. Further, GoMedii will provide affordable accommodation and medical treatment facilities also provide the translators for better communication.


We assure you that Indian hospitals are a great option for many patients globally. If you worried about how do I extend my medical visa then we will help you in all the possible ways. If International travelers who desire to go for treatment under the Indian system of Medicine or any other specialized.


Medical treatment in reputed and recognized hospitals or treatment centers in anyone can apply for the Indian Medical e-Visa or Electronic Medical Visa through our online visa application system and you can also drop your question on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at, regarding our services.


Read on to know whether you are eligible and the requirements to apply for the e-medical visa successfully.


Are you eligible?


If you are an international patient then Indian e-Medical Visa online is available for Nationals of 165 countries around the world. In case you want to apply then you can check the complete list of Eligible Country for Indian Medical Visa to know whether you can apply for the e-medical visa or not.


If you want to apply The eligibility criteria for an Indian e-Medical visa are:


  • In case you want to get the treatment in India so it should be very clear that you have made the initial medical guidance in your own country and then you will have been recommended to pursue specialist treatment in India. You’ll also need that referral letter.
  • As an international patient, you must be seeking medical attention only in a recognized institution that specializes in the treatment of the condition.
  • If you are seeking medical treatment from a specialist not recognized and licensed by the Indian government, then your e-medical visa application will be unsuccessful.


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Indian Visa Extension Is Online Available?


India has made some announcements regarding traveling into or out of the country. The reason for these announcements is that there are many visa holders are stuck in India due to COVID-19 whose visas are going to expire or expiring. So the Indian Government allowing an international way for the people who stuck in India and also those who stuck outside India.


This condition is fulfilled by following Standard Operating Protocols (SOPs). So the Indian Government has issued travel advisories on daily basis. They also ask questions about visa policy and travel across the Indian border during the period of the pandemic. Moreover, they provide some relief to visa holders currently in India who visa will be expiring soon.


How Do I Extend My Medical Visa?


You do not need to visit the offices because the whole process is online, but when they call you to come to their office, you have to visit them. All foreigners can extend their Visa by India visa extension through the website and mobile application.


  • You can also apply for an FRRO visa extension at the website or mobile application. You do not need to visit their office. They will call you if there is any requirement in a specific situation; otherwise, the whole procedure is online.
  • This platform is to provide for foreign tourists to solve their problems regarding their Visa.
  • By using websites and applications, many foreigners can create their ID by registering themselves. After this, they can apply for e Visa and also for other visa services like visa extension, exit permit, registration, and other services.
  • All documents will be directly sent to your registered email like visa documents, India visa extension.
  • Our mission is to provide foreigners a friendly atmosphere where they get paperless, cashless services and also save their time.
  • If you are a foreigner then you don’t need to visit the offices. In case of any requirement, they will call you directly, or by email, they notify you to visit their office. For any information, you can contact us.


So this is the process on how do I extend my medical visa you don’t need to worry about it.

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