Travel Tips For African Patient Coming To India

India is a place of different cultures it can be a little overwhelming, very busy, and somewhat confusing. You might take some time to adjust to the frantic energy and incredible nature of this bewildering place and to learn how to stay safe, healthy, and sane. The climatic conditions, rules, regulations, and heritage cultures of India and Africa are very different. This makes it important to help our patients know about Travel Trips for African Travelers.


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Best Travel Trips for African Travelers 



So, to make your trip memorable in India, here are some important travel tips for African travelers, you should know before you visit India.

1. Print your visa. No, the other visa.



A double-entry tourist visa to India, with a four-month window to make your first entry, is easy to obtain through a website run by the Indian government. However, when you receive the confirmation email that your visa has been approved, and still there’s some confusion as to what you need to present to the authorities.


If you are traveling for health-related purposes and are not able to get a Visa, you can choose a treatment partner in India, they will help you to ease your documentation process by trying to provide you VIL( visa invitation letter).


Contact us if you struggling with VISA documentation, our team will contact you and your documentation process will be taken care of.


2. Inflation! Yes, See What Your Money Can Buy


Inflation is increasing over time, but not always at the same rate. The price for some items rises more quickly than others. Airline fees, hotels, and cab rentals are some examples of costs that tend to rise faster than the general inflation rate.


You can deduct these expenses by booking your flight early and finding flights with cheap fares, when you look for a hotel don’t forget to read their terms and condition and the taxes including service tax or service tax.


You might not be aware all the time of things in India and that is fine, just search for travel tips for African travelers in India to get more information.


3. Don’t overpay on phone calls


If you are going to spend a few weeks in India invest in a local sim card, it will cost you less money and a good experience. Cell phone roaming is a huge unexpected travel expense and can happen in two ways:


  1. When you’re outside of your carrier’s network inside your own country the roaming is termed domestic roaming.
  2. When you’re outside of your carrier’s network while traveling abroad is termed international roaming’.

Depending on the recharge plan, you can easily spend roaming charges as you’re tingling for every text, every phone call minute, and every MB of data you use. Some operator companies offer travel passes and various temporary plans that can help you in saving money and avoid unwanted roaming charges.


4. Check with your operator before leaving for a vacation.


You can also save money by avoiding often phone calls or texts by planning the time of your phone calls, preferring group calls, and calling and picking phone only if required.

5. Stay mobile, but exercise patience


If you are visiting India travel can be very easy and budget-friendly for you, all you have to do is be patient and everything will be sorted.


If you’re in hurry you can take a cab, but try traveling from buses, tuk-tuks or different roadways services, you’ll get to know more about Indian culture. 


This way you will be able to interact with people, it will not only save your money but people can tell you more about amazing hidden gems that the internet sometimes cannot.

6. Get change


When you visit India you might struggle with change with rickshaw wala or if you buy anything from street vendors, in this case, you either might not be able to pay or end up paying extra. In that case, you should always carry change with you to avoid this situation.

7. Stay active


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There are plenty of websites which provide you with all the information on offers and compare rates of various hotels. Stay active and search all your queries and look for the best services you can get within your budget. Being active is one of the key travel tips for African travelers in India, as you can easily find a hygienic and comfortable stay if you search keenly.


Drop a query to get ease in your travel, our team will contact you soon.


8. Stay safe


The climatic conditions of India and Africa are very different and climatic change can be a reason for various health issues. There is a higher chance of falling sick or experiencing health-related discomforts when you are traveling than at home.


We are going to cross paths with a lot of people some of whom might be having a cold or any other communicable themselves. If you get into a medical emergency or get injured which requires you to immediately visit a doctor or fly back home, the last-minute flight tickets can cost you a fortune.

The best way to avoid falling ill while traveling is by taking all the necessary vaccinations and medical checkups before going on a vacation. Some tourist spots have made vaccinations mandatory for entering their soil after proving your wellness as all of your important medical documents are required for entry.


If you are traveling regarding health issues or need any treatment while traveling to India, Contact us to get hustle-free treatment within budget.


9. Airline Baggage Fees


Airline baggage fees are one of the most annoying and inconvenient hidden charges for travelers. There are two types of baggage when it comes to airlines, checked baggage that goes to the aircraft hold area, and carry-on baggage which you carry along with you.


You can visit the airline website or the Indian gov website to know about baggage charges and redistribute your luggage according to the guidelines provided.


You can avoid baggage fees by finding an airline that does not charge luggage fees, you can check before booking a ticket. Get your luggage weighed at home and check whether they fall within the prescribed weight limits. Redistribute the weight from bags that weigh more to bags less in weight.


If you are carrying heavy clothing such as sweaters or overcoats in your bag, you can consider wearing them while traveling and reducing the weight of your baggage.


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10. To eat or not to eat?


As Africa and India both have a wide variety of cuisine it is okay to behave like a foodie and try vast Indian cuisine which varies from place to place. Getting good quality and delicious food is one of the most important travel tips for African travelers.


Food at hotels can be expensive whereas, lots of street food can be harmful to your health. What can you do in this situation?


Before booking your hotel check all the services provided by the hotel, make sure you stay at a place where breakfast is provided, and check and compare all the taxes and charges applied to your food as well as different services.


If you want street food, follow the crowd, this is one of the best ways to find a famous street stall or restaurant that provides delicious as well as best quality food.


List of Unexpected Travel Expenses and Travel Tips for African Travellers


Here is a list of some annoying unexpected travel expenses which you can plan accordingly to save yourself from spending out of your budget or any embarrassing situation:


  • Unexpected weather
  • Paying the exchange
  • Trip cancellation
  • Shopping out of your budget
  • Visiting expensive restaurants
  • Not packing required clothes


Save yourself from splurging on money


It is normal to get excited about a trip and crave things you didn’t plan or get into an unwanted situation like paying extra after taking long routes to save yourself from traffic. As you are unaware of things in India these Travel Tips for African Travellers can be a savior for you:


  • Always check the weather forecast of the place you’re planning a vacation.
  • Keep change with you to save yourself from paying extra.
  • Book only when your plan is shorted and save cancellation charge for your next trip
  • Try visiting only the places you can afford.
  • Learn about the climate there and pack your clothes accordingly.

Contact GoMedii to ease your Medical Journey


Along with these travel tips for African travelers you might need help or guidance to make your trip easier and more welcoming, especially if you are vising for any treatment or health purpose GoMedii will be your right choice.


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