A Tale of Recovery: Bangladeshi Patient’s Orthopedic Journey in India

Bangladeshi Patient’s Orthopedic Journey in India: In the serene city of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, Tanveer Shadin, a vibrant 17-year-old, faced an unexpected hurdle when a playful accident led to a painful knee injury. Despite seeking treatments within his homeland, relief remained elusive.


However, the tides turned when Tanveer discovered the guiding light of GoMedii, leading him on an inspiring path to India for orthopedic treatment. Under the expert care of Dr. Sajan K Hegde at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Chennai, Tanveer underwent a groundbreaking robotic surgery that marked a turning point in his life.


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In the quaint city of Rajshahi, Bangladesh, a young boy named Tanveer Shadin, aged 17, lived a carefree life. However, fate had other plans when a playful accident on the terrace led to a knee injury that would change his life forever. Though there were no visible signs initially, the persistent pain in his knee prompted him to seek medical attention. Despite visiting numerous doctors, trying various treatments, and enduring therapies, the pain showed no signs of abating.

As Tanveer’s plight seemed unending, hope arrived in the form of GoMedii, a guiding light in his search for relief. Intrigued by the possibility of finding a solution in India, Tanveer decided to explore this avenue. He shared, “I had heard about the advanced medical facilities in India, and GoMedii gave me the courage to seek treatment there.”


Upon arriving in India, Tanveer sought expert advice at Apollo Spectra Hospitals in Chennai, where doctors analyzed his medical reports. Based on thorough investigations, a clearer picture emerged – Tanveer was suffering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sajan K Hegde, a senior surgeon in the Orthopedic and Neurology department at Apollo Spectra Hospitals, Tanveer underwent Arthroscopic ACL Reconstruction of the Left Knee. The robotic surgery, lasting for a maximum of 2 hours, was performed with precision, marking a significant milestone in Tanveer’s recovery.


The surgery proved successful, and Tanveer’s road to recovery was underway. Following the procedure, he stayed in the hospital for two more days, receiving attentive care from the medical staff. The dedicated team ensured that Tanveer’s post-operative phase was comfortable and free from complications.


With renewed hope and gratitude, Tanveer returned to Bangladesh to embrace life to the fullest. The arduous journey he had undertaken was now rewarded with a newfound sense of mobility and hope. The successful outcome of the surgery had not only relieved him from the agonizing pain but had also granted him the gift of a bright and promising future.


As Tanveer’s journey continued, he realized that sometimes, hope can be found in the most unexpected places. The combined efforts of GoMedii and Apollo Spectra Hospitals in India had not only eased his pain but also restored his faith in the power of modern medicine.


Tanveer’s story serves as an inspiration to others, a reminder that determination and the right guidance can lead to life-changing experiences. As he strides towards a brighter future, Tanveer’s journey is a testament to the profound impact of expert medical care and the unwavering support of a compassionate team. Embracing life with optimism, Tanveer’s story is a celebration of hope and healing.


A Successful Surgery!


With the GoMedii team and Apollo Spectra’s finest doctors by his side, Tanveer was treated with arthroscopic ACL reconstruction surgery with great success. He was happy to return to his home country and live the life he dreamt of.

We at GoMedii were delighted to have provided our services and made our medical travelers live a better life ahead. This is something that we as a team strive to do.

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