Are you the one for me


I was a cute chubby girl since my childhood. Everyone loves to pull my cheeks and used to say how cute she is. I felt happy whenever I heard such words. My favorite hobby was eating or you can say that eating is the most important aspect of my life. I want to eat lots of when I feel happy, sad, irritated or angry.


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As I grew up, my cute chubby cheeks converted into big fat cheeks. Now no one likes it and even my classmates started bullying me by calling different names like motu, poker or fatso. I got irritated when they called me with such names and gradually I stopped talking them.


With my age, my weight’s digits were increasing rapidly. Thereafter, becoming oversized made me an introvert person. I had no friends even after completing college. I got a job in a fashion magazine in Delhi, where I always wanted to write fashion articles but I ended up writing advice articles. I had never been able to convince my boss to make me write a fashion article due to my low self-esteem.


Like every girl, I had a dream since my childhood, that one day someone will come to me and will change my life completely. Whereas, my mother was worried about my marriage as she knew that finding a perfect match for a not so perfect girl can be difficult. So she started sending marriage proposals to boys, but, they all denied it with valid reasons. Then I realized like all my other dreams, this was also going to break apart.


With time passing, my age increasing all my hopes of getting married were also disappearing. Then, I accepted all the facts like I am a fat girl, I have a job which I hate but have to do it for survival and no one is made for me. With all the thoughts I was living my life in a set pattern.


As, people always say that fate turns like a tide. One fine day I met a guy in the metro and we simply started talking with each other in a general topic. We started meeting daily and gradually it became our habit to meet in the metro station and board a metro together to reach our destination.


Manjeet started getting attracted to me, and I had no clue of it. With the passage of time, his attraction turned into love and on 25th august 2017, he asked me “are you the one for me?” I was surprised, and I wasn’t sure as to how to react. Yet after 6 months we got married and it turned out as our happily ever after.


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