Be A Friend to Your Child: Benefits of Speaking to Kids




Name: Shafali

Child Name: Advit

Child Age: 3 years

Place: Noida



Introduction: Hi, I am Sahfali, a blessed mother of a baby boy named Advit. As we all know and in fact usually discuss that every child is not the same. But when it comes to self, we start losing hope and panic. The same happened to me when my son did not meet the speaking milestone at the right time.


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My Worries: My son was active and he met all his milestones at the right time, we (me and my husband) were very happy that he is good at eating, walking and playing but by the age of 1.5 years. He only used to make some noises like booo and some very small and few words like papa and baba. This made me a little worried. I tried to talk to him but he was not able to repeat what I would say.



I went to my pediatric for his checkup and she said that there was nothing to worry about. He didn’t have any physical barrier which restricted him to speak. There are some kids who don’t talk just because they don’t want to talk. She also suggested me to send him to the playschool, where he could see the kids talking, then he might start talking too and I did the same. But unfortunately even that failed to work.



Meanwhile, my son turned 2.5 and there was still no improvement in his condition. There was no progress which did upset me a lot. Then I decided to consult with a different doctor. To find the best pediatrician in Noida.  I googled and found another doctor near me, saw the ratings and reviews which were good and finally decided to go and visit her.



My Turning Point: She said the same as the previous doctor, but she suggested a different therapy. She asked us to stop him from using any electronic gadgets like a mobile phone or television. In fact, you should also avoid watching television in front of your ward and start talking to him as much you can.



Result: I did the same and it really worked, gradually he started talking and by the age of 3+, he was a good speaker, he was able to talk to his friends and teachers comfortably. He even started talking on the phone with his Dadu, Nani, and Nanu.



Advice: If you are the one who’s facing the same problem then don’t panic and talk to your kid as much as you can. And please keep your kid away from electronic gadgets like smarts phones and TV.


Talking with your child in their early childhood is important. You need to make sure the language develops and children develop the habit of speaking. They must pay attention to what you are saying.
The set of language skills you wish, they must know how to use it. The brain develops the way it is molded. These gadgets can very adversely affect the child.


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