Colon Cancer Success Story: Bilal’s Journey To Recovery

Colon Cancer Success Story: Bilal’s Journey To Recovery


When Mohammed Bilal Hussain from Bangladesh was diagnosed with colon cancer, he was extremely worried. Like many international patients, Bilal struggled to find proper treatment in his home country. His colon cancer success story is one of hope and the power of medical travel.


Bilal was detected with invasive papillary adenocarcinoma of the colon. This meant the cancer had grown into the wall of the colon and possibly spread to nearby tissue. After the shocking diagnosis, Bilal started desperately searching for hospitals that could treat his condition.


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Struggling to Get Proper Treatment


Bilal consulted doctors in Dhaka but did not feel confident about their expertise in colon cancer. He even thought of travelling to Singapore but the treatment cost estimate was too high.


Bilal says, “I felt completely lost after my diagnosis. I knew I had to travel outside Bangladesh for advanced treatment but had no idea where to go.”


Like many international patients, Bilal was struggling to get proper treatment for his advanced colon cancer.


Discovering India for Affordable, World-Class Treatment


While researching his options online, Bilal came across many positive stories of cancer patients who travelled to India for treatment. The advanced oncology treatment combined with the low cost strongly appealed to him.


Bilal shares, “When I found out that top Indian hospitals have globally-trained doctors and advanced technologies for cancer care, I immediately decided that India was my best choice.”


A Trusted Healthcare Partner


Bilal reached out to GoMedii, a leading medical travel provider in India. He submitted an inquiry for colon cancer treatment on their site.


GoMedii’s patient care representative Somdatta Banerjee got in touch with Bilal. She understood his medical condition, and advised him to get treated at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai.


Bilal says, “Somdatta was like an angel sent to guide me! She arranged my consultation at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai. I am so grateful for the assistance GoMedii gave me.”


Successful Colon Cancer Surgery in Chennai


At Kauvery Hospital Chennai, their team of surgical oncologists examined Bilal’s reports. He advised Bilal to undergo robotic ultra low anterior resection surgery.


The minimally invasive robotic surgery was done successfully by their team. Bilal had a smooth post-op recovery and stayed in the hospital for a week.


Bilal recalls, “I was amazed at how precise and high-tech the robotic surgery was. In just 1 week, my colon tumor was removed and I was recovering well.”


Road to Recovery


Thanks to the skilled cancer specialists at Kauvery Hospital, Chennai, Bilal is now cancer-free.


Bilal is ever grateful to GoMedii and Kauvery Hospital for guiding him through his colon cancer journey. He is now planning his return trip to Dhaka to reunite with his family.


Bilal’s story exemplifies how world-class medical treatment, caring support and advanced technology can together create a colon cancer success story. For countless global patients like Bilal, India continues to be a beacon of hope.


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