Toko Kathima From Congo Gets IVF Treatment Done!

The gift of parenthood is assumed to be the greatest present that a couple achieves in their lives together. While building a house might be easy materially but building a family takes patience and love. It is however unfortunate that many across the world are not able to enjoy this gift of creating a family together due to medical reasons that one cannot fight until the right treatment is done.


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One of our dear patients Toko, who could not witness the pleasure of having a family contacted us with a query relating to IVF treatment. While you will learn how did GoMedii get the treatment done for the patient, we will explain IVF. You will get to know hospitals for IVF doctors for IVF and why choose India for IVF treatment.

Why Is IVF Treatment recommended?





IVF treatment is a chance for a couple who have trouble conceiving to get pregnant with help of advanced medical science. It has been one of the greatest gifts of technology to mankind and to those who are not able to become parents for any given reason. There have been many things said and done around IVF, we will know about it and our patient Toko, who surprised herself with the treatment.


How Did Toko get to know about GoMedii?


Toko Kithima from Congo wished to raise a baby but due to the medical restraints, could not. Congo is a country in central Africa and does not provide such advanced technology yet, to serve patients of such sort. This is what made Toko look for options outside the country.


GoMedii has been operating in and around Africa and has served more than 300+ patients from the continent. This has marked our presence and with partners working in Congo, it was through a website that Toko contacted GoMedii.

“I had no hope that things will turn out well for us, we still dropped the query,” said Toko when one of our executives spoke to her after the treatment. We received the query and the team was quick enough to respond. Once all the reports were shared and the consultations were done, Toko decided to fly to India.


What is the procedure of IVF?


Seek The Best IVF Treatment Hospitals In Delhi NCR



The procedure of IVF is described below with the steps that are involved in the procedure. In case you wish to take the treatment on board, you can call us or drop your query with us here!


Step 1:


The first step is to start with the medication and treatment-related process for women. The doctor will give some medicines to the women for a successful result.

Step 2:


The second step starts the stimulation of the ovaries, It may start with day 1 of the regular period cycle of the menstruation process.


Step 3:


In this step, the doctor will start the egg retrieval process. The doctors also called the egg picking up process. The fertility specialist utilizes a thin needle to be inserted inside the ovaries of the women through which the eggs should be extracted out of the women’s body. The important thing the eggs that should be extracted must be around 8 to 10 in number.


Step 4:


In this step donor’s (male) sperm will be given to the lab assistant for further process. So that fertilization process will be start and other steps also start soon.


Step 5:


It is the most important step where the lab assistant combined the eggs and sperms. The only fact remains that this process takes place outside the female body.


Step 6:


After the 5th step, the fertility specialist will monitor the embryos for 5 days and then transfer them to the female’s uterus.


Step 7:


The last step and the 7th step is to test the pregnancy. If the result is successful then many many congratulations to you! In case the process is unsuccessful then the doctor will repeat all these procedures.


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Where did Toko get the IVF treatment done?



GoMedii suggested many treatment centers to our patient Toko, who finally agreed to the World IVF facility in the capital city of Delhi. The team arranged all the necessary documents and made sure that no trouble was taken by our patients.


About World IVF Facility:


World Infertility & IVF Centre is one of the leading IVF centers in Delhi/NCR. With “Complete Family- Happy Family” as our motto, our vision is to become one of India’s premier integrated IVF centers, noted for Reproductive science and infertility treatment for the highest levels of patient care.


What are the other places for IVF Treatment in Delhi?


The capital city provides numerous and best-quality options for IVF treatment. GoMedii associates itself with the most reputed hospitals across the country and apart from the place where our Congo patient chose, we have the following options for you:


  • Blk Super Speciality Hospital, Rajinder Nagar, Delhi
  • Apollo Hospitals, Delhi NCR
  • Fortis Hospital, Delhi NCR
  • Max Super Speciality Hospital, Saket, Delhi
  • Artemis Hospital
  • Narayana Superspeciality Hospital, Gurugram
  • Medanta The Medicity, Sector 38, Gurugram


What is the cost of IVF Treatment in India? 


IVF Treatment costs in India range from USD 3400 to USD 3900. IVF therapy is an outpatient procedure. They stay in India for at least 7 days for men and 45 days for a female.


GoMedii And IVF Treatment


GoMedii aims to provide the most advanced and quality healthcare options to our patients. This is possible through a defined transparent system of facilitating ease at every step of the patient journey. What else? You can drop your query to know more!


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