Patient Success Story: Bushra’s Journey to Recovery from Scoliosis Surgery In India

Patient Name: Bushra
Age: 27
Country: Kenya
Hospital in India: Fortis Hospital
Assisted in India By: Mr. Prakhar Tyagi


Bushra, a 27-year-old Kenyan native, had been struggling with scoliosis, a medical condition characterized by an abnormal curvature of the spine. Her condition had progressively worsened over the years, causing her severe discomfort, restricted movement, and an impact on her overall quality of life. Determined to find a solution, Bushra embarked on a journey to India in search of a reliable and cost-effective treatment for her scoliosis.


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Upon extensive research, she discovered Fortis Hospital in India, renowned for its excellence in medical care and expertise in orthopedic surgeries. The hospital had a dedicated team of doctors and support staff who were well-versed in treating complex spinal conditions like scoliosis. Fortis Hospital’s reputation for providing world-class healthcare to international patients further reassured Bushra that she was making the right choice.


Upon her arrival in India, Bushra was introduced to Mr. Prakhar Tyagi, a compassionate and knowledgeable healthcare professional who specialized in assisting international patients. Mr. Tyagi guided her through the entire treatment process, helping her understand the various aspects of scoliosis surgery, its potential risks, and the expected outcomes. He patiently addressed her concerns, ensuring she felt well-informed and empowered to make informed decisions about her treatment.


One of the significant advantages of choosing Fortis Hospital for scoliosis surgery was its cost-effectiveness. The hospital offered high-quality medical care at a fraction of the cost compared to other countries, making it an affordable option for patients like Bushra. This aspect was particularly important for her, as she had limited financial resources.


Under the expert guidance of Dr. Sharma, a renowned orthopedic surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Bushra underwent a successful scoliosis surgery. The surgical team employed advanced techniques and state-of-the-art equipment to correct the curvature of her spine. Throughout the procedure, Bushra received personalized attention and compassionate care, helping her feel at ease during this critical phase of her treatment.


The post-operative period was crucial for Bushra’s recovery, and the medical staff at Fortis Hospital provided round-the-clock care and support. Physical therapists designed a tailored rehabilitation program to help her regain strength, flexibility, and mobility. They worked closely with her to ensure a smooth and steady recovery process.


During her stay in India, Bushra felt like she was at home. The hospital staff, along with Mr. Tyagi, ensured she had all the necessary amenities and assistance to make her stay comfortable and stress-free. From arranging accommodation to organizing local transportation, they went above and beyond to provide a warm and welcoming environment for international patients.


Months after her scoliosis surgery, Bushra experienced a significant improvement in her condition. Her spine had straightened considerably, alleviating the discomfort she had endured for years. The successful outcome of her surgery not only restored her physical well-being but also revitalized her confidence and optimism for the future.


Bushra’s experience with scoliosis surgery in India, specifically at Fortis Hospital, was a testament to the expertise and compassion of the medical professionals involved. The cost-effective treatment, coupled with the support and guidance provided by Mr. Prakhar Tyagi, exceeded her expectations. Today, she is grateful for the transformative impact that her scoliosis surgery has had on her life, and she looks forward to a brighter, pain-free future ahead.


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