Seeing our relationship through the eyes of my child


Hi, I am Drishti a mother, a wife, and a working professional in a Noida based company. Sometimes, we take big decisions to live a better life but sooner or later, we realize that this is not what we actually wanted.


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My husband and I got separated when my daughter was just 1 year old. We were disturbed by our daily quarrels, so together we decided to peacefully separate and we divorced by mutual consent.


I started living my life in my own way, As my daughter was too small to live with her father so, we decided that she would stay with me. Somehow I was relaxed and happy that I am living my life on my own terms but something was missing inside me.


But as my daughter Diya grew older, she started questioning her father? I kept making excuses for some time and kept her busy.


But it could not last for a long time As she started growing older, her questions became tougher and I was unable to answer them.


When she started going to school, her behavior also started to change, she even stopped talking to me and remained mostly quiet and introvert.


Many times I wanted to know the reason for her behavior, but she did not respond properly. But when I felt that it could not go on like this, I insisted her to tell me what was wrong with her.


So she told me, All the children live with both mother and father, but I just stay with you. Papa sometimes takes me at his home, and then I miss you.” She continued, “Can’t I live with both of you? All the children tease me in school that your mother and father live separately. I do not talk to anyone anymore and I have no friends.”


These things shook me deep inside and I could not sleep that night. I decided to talk to her father about this incident. And the next morning I called Amit and asked for a meeting. We talked about Diya and then we both talked to Diya She told us that she would like to live with mummy papa both.


She was very happy that day, so, we decided that now we will live together not for ourselves but for our child and her future. And you won’t believe that the relationship between us has also improved a lot and we are happy together.

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