Urmila Devi Recieve The Best Treatment At Rama Hospital

What if a general checkup resulted in a more serious and urgent issue for you? Our health is an unexpected affair to deal with. Our patient from Hapur Mrs. Urmila Devi initially just went for a regular checkup where she found that she had something important to attend to in case of her health.


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She needed gynecological surgery which was urgent. After a lot of finding and searching, she finally found GoMedii and with help of her husband, she contacted and dropped her query with us.


GoMedii Helps Urmila Devi Recieve The Best Treatment!


Urmila Devi Recieve Treatment At Rama Hospital, Gynecological surgery At Rama Hospital, Treatment In Rama Hospital


Mrs. Devi had faced a lot of symptoms that included weight gain and extreme anxiety along with mood swings. This was however not usual and so they went for a thyroid test initially. The reports came normal and it was however detected that she was suffering from a gynecological issue.


When GoMedii received the query, we contacted our patient in no time. We gave them the options along with the most affordable & customized treatment plans. The patient then decided to get their treatment done at Rama Hospital.


Which Doctor did Urmila Devi Consult?


Our patient, Mrs. Urmila was referred to Dr. Deepak who helped to resolve the issue. Rama Hospital has provided one of the finest treatments to many patients across the city. In case you need your treatment to be done, you can drop your query with us.


What kind of Gynecology issues do women face?


Women suffer a lot of problems and issues that need urgent attention and treatment options. Here are some of the most common issues suffered by women:


1. Cancer:


Urmila Devi Recieve Treatment At Rama Hospital, Gynecological surgery At Rama Hospital, Treatment In Rama Hospital


Breast and cervical cancers are two of the most common cancers which are affecting women, it is one of the most common health issues that women face today.


Early detection of both these cancers early is key to keeping women alive and healthy. According to the latest research by WHO (World Health Organization), show that around half a million women die from cervical cancer and half a million from breast cancer each year.


2. Reproductive Health:


Reproductive and Sexual health problems are responsible for one-third of health issues that women are facing today, between the ages of 15 and 44 years.


Unsafe sex is a major cause of such reproductive health problems, especially in women and girls in developing countries.


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3. Maternal Health:


Many women are now get benefitted from the different schemes in care during pregnancy and childbirth introduced in the last century. Those benefits do not extend everywhere almost 300 000 women died from complications in pregnancy and childbirth, according to WHO. Most of these deaths could have been prevented if prevention is taken properly.


4. Sexually Transmitted Infections:


Urmila Devi Recieve Treatment At Rama Hospital, Gynecological surgery At Rama Hospital, Treatment In Rama Hospital


Sexually transmitted infections or STIs, are one the most common type of health issues that women face today. Among them, HIV and human papillomavirus (HPV) infection are the world’s most common STIs. But it is also important to do a better job of preventing and treating diseases like gonorrhea, chlamydia, and syphilis.


How Can GoMedii Help In Treatment Journey?


The treatment journey of our patients is a great deal for us. We make sure that there is no discomfort faced by them. We at GoMedii provide you with the facilities above just the treatment. Here are some of the facilities you can get as our patients:


  • Discover Hospitals & Doctors
  • Book Appointments
  • Online Consultations
  • Treatment Estimations
  • Treatment Planning
  • Pre-Treatment Assistance
  • Logistic Planning
  • Healthcare Records Management
  • Prescription Fulfillment
  • Ancillary & Tertiary Services
  • Post-Treatment Care & Followups


To start your treatment journey with us, you can drop your query with us. Just contact us on the website or contact us through Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) call us at 9599004811 or email us at connect@gomedii.com.


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