Chronic Bronchitis : Know All About It’s Treatment

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Coughing is not always bad, but it is a way that your body uses to get rid of harmful things in your lungs. But as we know access to anything is bad so it is with the coughing too. coughing too much can be bad, too. If you’ve had a cough that’s gone on for what feels like forever, you might have a serious condition called chronic bronchitis.


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What is Chronic Bronchitis?


It is a condition when the air tubes in your lungs which are known as bronchi get inflamed and irritated, and you have coughed for at least 3 months a year for 2 years in a row. It’s a long-term illness that keeps coming back or never fully goes away. It’s a type of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) or Chronic bronchitis. The other type is emphysema.


What are the Symptoms of Chronic Bronchitis?


It fills your airways with thick mucus. The small hairs that normally move phlegm out of your lungs are damaged. That makes you cough. As the disease goes on, it’s harder for you to breathe.


Other symptoms may include:



  • Cough, often with mucus



  • Tight chest


  • Feeling tired


The symptoms of the condition may be worst in the winter when humidity and temperatures drop.


What are the Causes of Chronic Bronchitis?


The most common cause of the condition is cigarette smoking. More than 90% of patients with disease smoke or used to smoke. Some other causes that can enhance the chances of condition are:


  • Secondhand smoke


  • Dust


  • Certain fumes, like hairspray or house paint, if you work regularly in the same conditions.


  • Air pollution, welding fumes, engine exhaust


  • Coal, fire smoke


How to Diagnose the Condition?


For the diagnosis, Your doctor will ask about your smoking history and listen to your lungs with a stethoscope. He can also suggest some test may, including:


Pulmonary function tests: This is a series of measurements of how much air your lungs can hold while breathing in and out.


Chest X-ray: Uses radiation to make a picture of your lungs to rule out heart failure or other illnesses that make it hard to breathe.


Computed tomography: This CT scan give a much more detailed look at your airways than a chest X-ray.


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What are the Possible Treatments for Chronic Bronchitis?


Medication prescribed by the doctor and simple lifestyle changes can reduce the symptoms of your condition and may slow or stop the disease from getting worse. Many people live with moderate symptoms for a long time, and breath on their own without supplemental oxygen.


Your first step, if you smoke, is to quit. Your lungs will not fully recover, but the rate of decline will be much slower.


Airway openers (bronchodilators): These drugs relax your air passages to make it easier to breathe and relieve your bronchitis symptoms.


Anti-inflammatory drugs: Steroids lessen the swelling that narrows your air passages.


Oxygen therapy: This is for serious cases, where your lungs are so damaged that blood oxygen levels are extremely low. You can inhale oxygen from a portable machine at home as needed.


Specialized rehab program: If you are often short of breath, rehab therapy can teach you ways to manage your disease. For example, you might learn a better way to breathe while you exercise.


Lung transplant: A new lung or lungs may help you live longer.


What You Can Do?


Exercise. one of the best way to control your condition, Just like with your biceps, you can build up the muscles that help you breathe. Try walking 3 times a week. Workouts make you cough up mucus better.


Avoid bad air. To take care of your lungs the one should avoid bad air. For this first, you have to stay away from smokers. Don’t step into crowds during flu season. Wear a face mask if you’re working with things that have strong fumes.


Get vaccinated. A yearly flu vaccine lowers your odds of a potentially deadly infection. Your doctor may also recommend you get a vaccine that protects you from pneumonia.


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