How Feasible Are Liver Transplants in India

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The evolution in the field of medical transplants has saved many lives so far. The concept of living donor liver transplant (LDLT) is a gift of the medical industry to people with end-stage liver diseases. The current growth rate of liver transplant in India is the manifestation of the successful transplants. People from different corners of the world come to India for a liver transplant because of the quality treatment. Patients across the globe wonder how feasible are liver transplants in India, read to know.


A liver transplant is a surgical procedure used to replace a diseased liver with a healthy liver, from a donor. Earlier, there were deceased donor liver transplant (DDLT) procedures but advancement and innovation in the medical field resulted in the Living donor liver transplant.


How Feasible Are Liver Transplants in India?


A liver transplant in India is very feasible. India is in its golden period in the context of a successful and growing liver transplant procedure. Patients recommended for liver transplant are breaking geographical boundaries to get their treatment procedure done here in India. The government is also taking the initiative to promote medical tourism in India.


India is paving the way to become the most credible medical tourism destination worldwide. The factors that ensure the feasibility are listed below. Know- how feasible are liver transplants in India, by understanding these factors below:


1. Hospital


The feasibility of liver transplant requires specialized medical, surgical and intensive care; expertise, cutting edge technologies and infrastructure. However, success can be achieved by establishing these entire things under one umbrella item- hospital.


India has state of the art hospital with frontier technologies all under one roof. Hence, the first factor checks and approves the feasibility of liver transplant in India.


2. Doctors & Surgeons


Another factor states, how feasible liver transplant in India is. Here we have eminent doctors, surgeons and nurses from renowned hospitals specialized in their field. So, yes liver transplants are considered feasible in India.


3. Treatment Within Budget


Here comes the factor that concerns most. Interestingly, India is known for its world-class treatment at an affordable cost. So, the money factor checked and states the feasibility of liver transplant in India.


4. Convenient


When patients are coming from different corners of the world, they look for convenience and comfort. As, at the end of the day they are here for a medical tour also; which combines treatment and exploring together.


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