Low-Cost Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital

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It is very easy to feel the rhythm of our heart, the question is whether or not it is in the right rhythm? If not, how to know about it and how to get it treated? Pacemaker Implantation is the answer. One of the best Pacemaker implantations in BLK Hospital is available at low cost with GoMedii.


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How to get Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital?


Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital, Cost of Pacemaker implantation in BLK Hospital, Types of Pacemakers, procedure of Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital


A pacemaker is a device that is inserted into the body to support the electric system in the heart. Pacemakers stabilize the rhythm of the heart and prevent problems that can disrupt the heart condition. BLK is one of the best in the country, very affordable with great facilities for Pacemaker Implantation along with other surgeries for different conditions. 


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How does a pacemaker work?


The heart has its own electrical system, which tells all the different chambers of the heart to pump blood into the veins. And when the pumping of blood is insufficient and this leads to the malfunctioning of the body. In this situation, pacemakers are being implanted in the heart to pass the electric impulse for a better floor of blood for the proper functioning of the body.


What is the Cost of Pacemaker implantation in BLK Hospital?


The cost of Pacemaker implantation in BLK Hospital ranges from INR 2.25 to 3 lakhs (USD 3,000 to 4,000). 


What are the Types of Pacemakers?


Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital, Cost of Pacemaker implantation in BLK Hospital, Types of Pacemakers, procedure of Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital


There are various types of pacemakers that are used for conditions that suit them. 


  • Single chamber pacemaker. This usually passes the electrical impulse to the right ventricle of the heart.
  • Dual-chamber pacemaker. This type of pacemaker carries electrical impulses to the right ventricle and the right atrium of the heart to help control the timing of contractions between the two chambers.
  • Biventricular pacemaker. This type of pacemaker is for people who have heart failure and heartbeat problems. It stimulates both of the lower heart chambers (the right and left ventricles) to make the heart beat more efficiently. Biventricular pacing is also called cardiac resynchronization therapy.


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What are the conditions treated by Pacemaker implantation in BLK Hospital?


Conditions that can be treated with a pacemaker are:


  • Certain heart arrhythmias (malfunctions of your heart’s normal beating process).
  • Disruptions of your heart’s electrical system (such as heart blocks).
  • Heart failure.
  • History of a heart attack.


What is the procedure of Pacemaker Implantation in BLK Hospital?


There are phase-wise procedural activities that take place when the pacemaker implantation is done. Here are these: 


Just Before the Procedure:


These are the steps that are being followed by the specialist before performing the surgery.

  • Insertion of IV in forearm or hand and meditation can also be given to relax.
  • The chest is cleaned with a special soap.
  • Local anesthesia will be given to numb the area of the incisions.


In the treatment process:


These steps are followed during the surgery.


  • One or more wires are inserted into a major vein under or near the collarbone and guided to the heart using X-ray images by the specialist. 
  • One end of each wire is secured at the appropriate position in the heart, while the other end is attached to the pulse generator, which is usually implanted under the skin beneath the collarbone.
  • The specialist inserts a flexible sheath (catheter) in a vein in the groin and then guides the single component pacemaker through the catheter to the proper position in the heart.


Steps to be taken after the implantations: 


These steps are followed after the procedure for better results.


  • The doctor will ask you to stay in the hospital for a day after having a pacemaker implanted.
  • The doctor might recommend avoiding vigorous exercise or heavy lifting for about a month. 
  • Avoid putting pressure on the area where the pacemaker was implanted as it will affect the proper working of the device.


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