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Childbirth is the most beautiful thing in this world. Having a healthy child is a blessing. There are many different diseases and disorders which can affect the child’s health in the womb and after birth. One of them is Spina Bifida, is a birth defect that occurs when the spinal cord and spine don’t form properly.

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What are the options for Spina Bifida Treatment in India?




The treatment depends on the severity of the condition. A list of the treatments options available are:


Surgery before birth


Prenatal surgery for this takes place before the 26th week of pregnancy. Surgeons expose the pregnant mother’s uterus surgically, open the uterus and repair the baby’s neural structure. In select patients, this procedure is often performed less invasively with a special surgical tool (fetoscope) inserted into the uterus.


Cesarean birth


Many babies with myelomeningocele tend to be in a feet-first (breech) position. If the baby is in this position or if the doctor has detected a large cyst or sac, cesarean birth may be a safer way to deliver the baby.


Surgery after birth


Myelomeningocele requires surgery to close the opening in the baby’s back within 72 hours of birth. Performing the surgery early can help minimize the chance of infection related to the exposed nerves.


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What are the symptoms of Spina Bifida?




The symptoms depend highly on the conditions that one can face if they go through the spina bifida which are:


Spina bifida occulta.


Typically, there aren’t any signs or symptoms because the spinal nerves aren’t involved. But sometimes signs can be seen on the newborn’s skin above the spinal problem, including a tuft of hair, a small dimple or a birthmark.




Meningocele may cause problems with bladder and bowel function.




In this type of spina bifida:

  • The spinal canal remains open along several vertebrae in the lower back
  • Both the membranes and the spinal cord or nerves protrude at birth, forming a sac
  • Tissues and nerves are exposed, though sometimes skin covers the sac


What are the causes of Spina Bifida?


Doctors aren’t certain what causes spina bifida. It results from mixed genetic, nutritional, and environmental risk factors, like family history of neural tube defects and folate (vitamin B-9) deficiency.


What are the risk factors for Spina Bifida?


It is more common among white people and Hispanics, and females are affected more often than males.

  • Folate deficiency
  • Family history of neural tube defects
  • Medications
  • Diabetes
  • Obesity
  • Increased body temperature


What is the cost of Spina Bifida Treatment in India?


The estimated cost of Spina Bifida surgery In India is between $5500 to $7000. It depends on the hospital charges and the facilities provided. For affordable spina bifida treatment contact GoMedii, and book your appointment today for further information.


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How long can a person live with spina bifida?


The prognosis for survival was strikingly poor in those with the most extensive neurological deficit. Only 17% of those born with a high sensory level survived to the mean age of 40 years, compared with 61% of those with a low sensory level.


Does spina bifida get worse with age?


Adults who have spina bifida face different problems than do children, including the Normal aging process including loss of muscle strength and adaptability, less physical stamina, and a decrease in sensory abilities tend to decline faster or more severely for adults with SB.


How to get Spina Bifida Treatment in India through GoMedii?


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