5 Common Foods That Can Trigger Asthma

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

We do know that asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of your airways. The causes of the asthma trigger can vary from person to person. There are some foods too that can trigger asthma. Still, one thing is sure for all is when the person comes into contact with the asthma trigger, the symptoms get started.


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Food that can trigger asthma can be mild to severe life-threatening reactions. Well, there is no diet for asthma patients that can eliminate asthma symptoms. But there are certain foods that give relief to an individual to trigger the attack. While some other foods can trigger the symptoms.


Foods that can trigger asthma:


1. Milk


As we all know that milk is one of the essential sources of calcium. But, there is always disputed by researchers regarding the link between milk and asthma. But there are numbers of asthma patients who will actually benefit by reducing the milk and dairy products from their diet.

People who are already allergy to dairy products from a young age can suffer from wheezing, coughing, and breathlessness. So, we can say that milk works as foods that can trigger asthma for some asthma patients.


2. Eggs


Eggs are one of the most common allergic food for the children and outgrown in most cases. Symptoms are more often triggered by raw or undercooked.

According to the American College of Allergy Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI), people who are prone to an allergy to eggs should also check food labels and medications that may contain eggs.


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3. Additives and preservatives


Sulfates and tartrazine are addictive and the most common foods that can trigger asthma allergies. These items are often used to give food longer shelf life. Look out for food labels containing these preservatives, or steer clear of processed meats, canned, packaged food, fruit juices, sauces, and fizzy drinks.


4. Wheat


People get wheat allergy which is usually caused by globulin and albumin amino acids in wheat. When these amino acids enter the human body through the digestive system or the lungs, the immune system reacts by making so-called immunoglobulin E antibodies.

These antibodies are one of the foods that can trigger asthma and cause symptoms associated with asthma, like wheezing and coughing.




After milk, soya allergy is the second most common allergy food. Soya is found in processed foods like pre-packaged soups and fermented foods like soya sauce.




These are foods that can trigger your asthma symptoms, you can experiment by eliminating them or consult your doctor to do an allergy test.


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