Dizziness: How to stop feeling dizzy?

Anju Bisht

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While writing, the funniest thing I came across was feeling dizzy can be due to a demonic spirit was trying to possess you. Well, that was pretty cool, but let me tell you, it could be true.


Probably my joke fell flat, to be exact, feeling dizzy is often described as a symptom of lightheadedness and vertigo. If there is a feeling that you might faint, it is lightheadedness and when you feel everything around you is spinning or moving, we call it vertigo.


The woozy feeling often gets better on its own and is treatable. Next, your concern might be how to get rid of it. We surely will discuss the same, but first, you must understand the causes.


What are the causes of dizziness?


To understand the cause of feeling dizzy, we will discuss lightheadedness and vertigo causes separately.


1. Lightheadedness


When the brain does not get enough blood then the person tends to feel lightheaded and this can happen;

  • if there is a sudden drop in blood pressure,
  • Due to sudden movement, as in, getting up quickly after sitting or lying,
  • if you have flu, low blood sugar, cold, or allergies.


Note: Some other serious conditions can also lead to lightheadedness, such as heart problems, stroke, bleeding inside the body, and shock (extreme drop in blood pressure).  But, these conditions will have other symptoms as well.


2. Vertigo


Here is the next cause of feeling dizzy, vertigo can be caused due to certain conditions, which are;


  • Benign positional vertigo: The most common type of vertigo that occurs when you move your head in a certain position.
  • Labyrinthitis: The condition causes irritation and swelling of the inner ear, which can lead to vertigo and hearing loss.
  • Meniere disease: This a disorder of the inner ear that can cause severe dizziness.

As dizziness is described as a symptom of lightheadedness and vertigo, therefore resolving the causes of these two conditions can help you in getting relief from dizziness.


How to get rid of feeling dizzy?


The way we understood the causes, likewise, we are going to learn various self-care tips for treating the feeling of dizziness. We will start by dealing with the causes of each condition.


1. Tips to get rid of lightheadedness


  • Rest well


  • Drink enough fluid


  • Avoid sudden posture changes


  • Lie down till you overcome feeling dizzy


  • Get up slowly and stay seated for a few minutes before standing


  • Avoid coffee, cigarettes, alcohol, and drugs.


2. Tips for managing vertigo


Here are tips for managing and preventing your symptoms of vertigo from becoming worse.

  • Rest well when symptoms occur.
  • Avoid sudden changes in postures or movements.
  • Increase activity slowly to avoid feeling dizzy.
  • During a vertigo attack take help for walking if you have a loss of balance.
  • Avoid bright light during the attack.
  • Avoid activities, such as reading, watching TV, driving, operating heavy machinery, and climbing, until 1 week after your symptoms disappear.


When to worry about feeling dizzy


Often there is no cause of concern if dizziness goes away after a few moments. But, if it does not goes away and is accompanied by other symptoms then you must consult a doctor.


Here is the list of the thing you must worry and seek help from a health care provider if:


  • You got a head injury
  • Got a fever of over 101°F accompanied by headache and stiff neck.
  • Feeling dizzy as well as chest pain
  • Having irregular heart rate (heart is skipping beats)
  • Difficulty in breathing
  • Feeling Weakness
  • Immobile arm or leg
  • Changes in vision or speech
  • Having a loss of alertness for more than a few minutes
  • Fainting


Conclusively, getting immediate help and treatment would be necessary to avoid any future or long-term complications. Avoid such activities that can cause serious injury if you are prone to conditions like vertigo. The content here is of good quality which has been driven from MedlinePlus. Lastly-yet importantly Be safe and be healthy. You can connect us through a call or WhatsApp +91 9654030724

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