Top 5 Food Supplements Contain Dangerous Ingredients

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The supplement is a broad category that you eat or drink to support good health and supplement the diet. Supplements are not medicines, nor the substitute for food. The supplement can be one or a combination of any of vitamin, herb or other botanical, mineral, amino acid etc. All these are not good for the body supplements contain dangerous ingredients also. Supplements that we use for weight loss, muscle-building, and sexual enhancement are at the most risk.


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Twenty percent of the products had more than one unapproved ingredient,” study researcher Madhur Kumar, Ph.D., M.S, told Runner’s World by email. What’s more, 28 products were named in two or three FDA warnings about their unapproved ingredients.


Top 5 Food Supplements Contain Dangerous Ingredients




Top 5 Food Supplements Contain Dangerous Ingredients:



1. Hydrogenated Oils :


Partially hydrogenated soybean oil is one of the main fillers in the majority of vitamins today. Although soy is organic, it’s for sure that it’s genetically modified. So you’re taking a dose of hidden danger food of soy (franken-soy) with your vitamins. The FDA knows that hydrogenated fats are bad for us. So, It’s completely up to you to avoid them.



2. Sibutramine:


Sibutramine is the most common drug ingredients found in the weight loss supplements. It was found to cause serious cardiovascular issues and liver damage.


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3. Lead, Mercury, & PCBs:


Essential fatty acids (EFAs) are particularly important for pregnant women, babies, and toddlers, as well as for brain and heart health. But all brands are not created equal products. Since fish in the food chain can consume mercury, lead, and other contaminants, these contaminants are can lead to the cause of increased prostate cancer risk.


If you don’t want to buy a toxic heavy metal or some PCBs with your essential fatty acid. Then you have to be careful of the brand of Omega-3 or EFAs you buy. It’s not to choose the cheap option, make sure that you choose a variety that has been meticulously tested for lead or mercury contaminants.


Here is a better another option to choose greens, eggs and wild fish for a good dose of Omega-3s.


Some Wheat, Nuts, and Flowers:


We found contamination in several products with plants that have known toxicity, side effects and/or negatively interact with other herbs, supplements, and medications,” researchers said.



4. Senna Alexandrina:


Senna alexandrina is a plant not recommended for long use that can lead to chronic diarrhea, liver damage, and colon problems.



5. Feverfew (Flower):


There are some products contained the flower feverfew, it can cause swelling and numbness in the mouth, oral ulcers, and nausea.






So, supplements, we use in our daily life for good health. The above mention supplements contain dangerous ingredients which can make your health even worst. So choose your supplement wisely which improve your health not deteriorate.


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