Travel and Boost Your Health With These Basic Yoga Poses!!

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Everybody loves to visit new places every once in a while and to visit new exciting places it requires traveling. Travelling is exciting to imagine but turns out to be quite exhausting and strainful when experienced because of inappropriate circumstances and comfort levels. Here is a relieving news, while traveling through flight you can boost your health with the help of basic yoga poses.


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Yoga is a wonderful practice that has been helpful in increasing body mechanism and life expectancy, and when it comes to flight commute yoga can mitigate the unpleasantries of flying as well. During a flight, an individual experience a massive amount of air pressure which can deteriorate the health so it is quite necessary to do something useful during the travel time wherein yoga poses are the best option to boost your health.


Travel and Boost Your Health With These Basic Yoga Poses!!




How Yoga Poses Helps in Boosting Your Health?


As Dr. Steven Murray Director of the Physical Education program at UC Berkeley puts it “not being able to move can result in blood pooling in the extremities, especially the feet and ankles.” Sitting on planes is just one more environment for human’s increasingly sedentary lifestyle. A lifestyle that the Annals of Internal Medicine’s research shows may shorten your life. At a bare minimum, Dr. Murray commented, “I would recommend a person to perform basic movements with the legs and feet.”


During air travel a person tends to be flying at an average height of 7000ft which affects the blood circulation and eventually results in a headache, fatigue, breathing difficulties and nausea so moving your body in the available space of seating can improve the blood circulation to normalize.




What is the Best Yoga Poses For You to Practice During Travel?


Following are some of the yoga poses for you to practice during travel including;


1. Breathing In and Out:


This yoga pose is quite easy and unnoticeable to people. All you need to do is to sit back relaxed and take long breathes of the air. In the case of long flights, the air quality in the surrounding tends to decrease hence, long and efficient breathing helps filling up the deficiency of oxygen in the body.



2. Body Movements:


The best yoga poses to boost your health involves certain prominent and effective body movements. During a flight try moving your toes and fingers along with neck rotation which will also eventually improve blood circulation and avoid nerves contractions.



3. Stretching:


Air traveling means sitting in a fixed position for a long time like a lump, which is necessary but not ideal. So, once in a while try getting up and stretching your body followed by a slow walk in the aisle. This will help your body to stay active and fatigue-free. This yoga pose is considered beneficial to boost your health.


Travel and Boost Your Health With These Basic Yoga Poses!!



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What Happens to Your Body During a Flight?


Aircraft cabins are pressurized to 75 percent of the normal atmospheric pressure, a recent study claimed. Lower levels of oxygen in your blood can lead to hypoxia, which can leave you feeling dizzy, fatigued and with headaches. Moreover, the biggest health risk on a flight is disabling of ventilation when a flight is delayed.


It is better to keep your health tests updated before taking a long flight and prepare yourself accordingly. The aforementioned yoga poses can boost your health easily as breathing helps to fix the deficiency of oxygen promptly and effectively.




Does Flying Cause Bloating and Swelling?


Many studies indicate the fact that flying definitely affects your body where bloating and swelling is one of them. Your body tends to bloat during a flight is due to the lack of commotion and movement. Hence, the yoga poses are ideal to boost your health in such case as well.


Try to take short breaks from just sitting and doing nothing, and push yourself to perform some yoga poses like standing-stretching-walking. This little commotion will boost your blood circulation and eventually lower down the risks of bloating.





It has been proved that airplane pressure affects the body so it is quite commendable to practice the easy yoga poses to boost your health. Yoga poses helps you with tackling away all the risks of an airplane traveling like shortening of breath, bloating, nausea and poor blood circulation.


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