5 Hacks To Work Life Balance, Restored

Somya Verma

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As easy as it might sound, work-life balance is a tough job. Take it from a bachelor. We know you might be surprised because how can a bachelor talk about balance? However, not taking away with the household people, the reward of being “Multi-tasking” the pressure in different ways always equates. Let us put it this way, as a bachelor, one is always up to learn something new, which is not about what they are currently doing, after 9hrs of regressive job, who has the energy? Also, the leverage of seniors who think we actually have nothing else to do.




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The same is that for the ones with family. They have to be professional 9 hrs of their day, taking a toll on their family life. The world has become so advanced and complicated that work-life balance seems to fall every time. The idea of “giving best and most” is something people do believe in but do not know how to do it. Once and for all, we want to tell you, “Slogging long hours in the office does not make you a great employee”




How must you maintain Work-Life Balance?




It is a good question, but will you get an answer to it ever? Here, we have tried and tested some of them for you. Maybe you can apply it to your condition too and see if at all it works or not.




1) Be productive at work




Yes, it might sound funny, but that is the case with most of us. Have you not heard the saying, “Never take work home”? You are yourself, a person with dreams, desires, and family at your house. The workplace is the place where all of the work should be. If you bring even that to your family, then what work-life balance are we talking about? Finish your work on time.




2) Set Your Priorities Right




Work-life balance demands a plan. You cannot do both things together, it is because they belong to two different worlds. In this case, make your priorities right! You cannot have life and fun while working and cannot work when you are supposed to have fun. This takes a lot toll on your relationships and things around you.




3) Plan your day in advance



Did that important meeting make you forget to host the party for your husband or wife? Did you just forget it was your best friend’s birthday? Partied too much and we’re late for the meeting? Well, that is what happens when your work-life balance is so distorted.




You must plan your days in advance. See where it is important to keep your work thing on top and then your family life. It is unfair to take away time from one and give it to the other.




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4) Take breaks




The “me” time of bachelors and everyone, in general, is an important part. You cannot always be involved in something or the other. Give yourself some break and do not think about anything else but what calms you down. Some people think that being drowned in work all the time is the best. However, it takes a huge toll on you in the future.




5) Take and plan vacations




You can always apply for leaves and earn them as well. Take small vacations with your family to bring the work-life balance back. Or spend some more time with your family and friends to get the energy back that you had lost. This will not make you happy but make you do your work way more efficiently.



Work-Life balance in this corporate structure is difficult but not impossible. Get to your basics, have fun, and work with your zeal all over again! Get A break! Get A life!




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