Do Not Ignore The Symptoms of Depression In Children

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Depression is not confined to adults only, sadly it can affect the happy childhood of your child too. Depression in children is not like other regular emotional changes that occur during child development. If not taken care of within time can affect the social as well as personal life. Although depression is a serious issue, it is treatable. How will you identify the depression in your child? To know the answer, continue reading.




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Symptoms indicating depression in children:




Depression is a mental disorder; your child might experience persistent sadness, irritability, loss of interest in activities, hopelessness, and sometimes, suicidal. It is normal for a child to feel sad or irritated or to be in a bad mood but if it’s lasting longer than two weeks, do not ignore the symptoms. However, every child will have a different set of symptoms. Some of the symptoms of depression in children may include:




  • Bodily or physical symptoms, such as aches or pains, restlessness, or distress.



  • Loss of interest in activities that use to be fun for them.



  • Often irritable or angry.



  • Persistent withdrawal from playing and enjoying with parents as well as friends.



  • Sensitivity to rejection.



  • Changing appetite (either increase or decrease).



  • Changes in sleeping patterns.



  • Hissy fit or tantrum.



  • Trouble concentrating and focusing.



  • Weariness or loss of energy.




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Possible Reason associated with depression in children:



There can be any combination of factors that can raise the risk of depression in adolescence and children. The risk factors can be biological, psychological, or environmental. Some others may include:



  •  Bullying




  •  Family history of mental disorder or depression.


  •  Unfortunate events.


  •  Physical illnesses such as diabetes or epilepsy.


  •  Alcohol or drug use.




Can Depression happen in Children?



Indeed depression can affect children too. However, those with a family history of mental disorder or depression are at greater risk. But this doesn’t state that they will necessarily experience depression. Children suffering from a chronic medical condition are also at risk of depression.



Depression is often not diagnosed due to people perceive it as normal behavioral or emotional fluctuation during growth. This is totally wrong, unlike normal emotional or psychological changes it lasts longer and if not give proper treatment can cause life long disability.




How can you help your child?




As discussed previously, depression can be treated it just need the right attention and care. But can turn out worse if not treated within time. If you think your child is having the symptoms of depression, here is you can deal with it:


The very first thing you can do is “Talk”. Even if, your child tries to hide, deny, or might not realize; talk with them anyway. Listen to their concern, show love, and support.



If the previous one does not work, visit a pediatricianThe doctor will conduct a full exam to check any condition causing depression-like symptoms. In case your child has been diagnosed with depression the doctor will recommend a specialist.




Lastly, contact or get to a child psychiatrist or psychologist, they can help and recommend treatment.


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