Benefits and Advantages of E-Prescribing

Somya Verma

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Technology has helped us achieve great heights in the field of medical science. One of them is storing the data for easy access and also the safety of the data to be used for the future. E-prescribing is now in business and is being used by doctors and health experts worldwide. Advantages of E-prescribing is unmatched with the age-old habit of writing down in papers. Around 70% of the doctors around the world are taking advantage of E-prescribing and using it worldwide.


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What is E-prescribing?


E-prescribing or electronic prescribing is a technology that allows health care providers to enter prescription information into a computer device and securely transmit the prescription to pharmacies using a special software program.



Advantages of E- prescribing


The world is changing and the fastest in the medical field, so here are some of the advantages that make E-prescribing stand out from its alternative.



Easy way to details about ailment:


When there is an already stored data it becomes way easier for the doctors to diagnose the patient. It is better to have a record of the history of allergies and other diseases that the individual might have gone through. It makes the treatment easier and also more accurate.



Prevents human error:


The most important part of E-prescribing is the fact that it negates any chance of making handwriting error. It helps in preventing any kind of spelling error to be made. We know how dangerous the consumption of wrong meds can be, only because the chemist could not decipher the handwriting.


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Adherence to prescription rules:


When there is paper involved, the patient might just ignore the use of those prescriptions or not fill the information. However, in the case of a digital record, one cannot ignore the regular updating and filling of details that are required and directed by the doctors.



A proper tracking system:


The advantages of E-prescribing envolves greatly a tracking system by the physicians. It helps in keeping a track of over dozing by the patient or to some extent even doctor shopping is checked.



Lesser Administrative pressure:


One of the most burdensome job for the clinical staff and doctors are the responding of the prescriptions. In the case of paper, it becomes tiresome to write everything down. The advantage of E-prescribing gains an edge over this, by electronic and automated reply.



Reduction of lost:


Papers can easily be misplaced by anyone and anywhere. This brings discrepancy in the records of the hospital which further delays the process of a lot of hospital functioning, like timely appointment schedule.



While there is an edge over the mundane habit of writing the prescription down in case of advantage of e-prescribing. We cannot ignore that there might be times when this method can cause some issues. The major disadvantage of such e-prescription is the way it is used and how much is it used? Not all the doctors are tech-savvy and might still consider the paper to be a better method of recording prescription data. Moreover, data loss on the recorded device is a fair chance, as at the end its a device and has wires and other technical advancements involved. Data can also fall into wrong hands. Hence there are two sides of the same coin, yet the advantages of E-prescribing is way more than that of the disadvantages.


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