Dialysis or a Kidney Transplant – What Doctor Suggests? By Dr. Tarun Kaushik

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In the field of healthcare and medication, most of the disease or a condition, fortunately, has more than just one way to be treated. it depends on the patient and his body, as to which one is adapting to. There has been a long-discussed debate on whether dialysis or a kidney transplant is a better way to get cured of kidney failure. In this blog, we will be providing some insight into what studies and doctors have said, what are the cost benefits of both the system and it’s convenience and also provide information for you to decide which one you should go with.


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Dialysis or a Kidney Transplant



Though our effort will be to provide you a perspective regarding dialysis or a kidney transplant, we would always ask you to consider consulting an expert and doctor regarding this situation. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of both dialysis and kidney transplant.



Advantages and Disadvantages of Dialysis



Dialysis is of various kind and you can choose the way which suits your comfort and budget.





• Easily carried out at home

• Can help during waiting for an organ.

• Easy availability

• Consumption of immunosuppressant drugs is not needed

• No surgical risk due to no operation.




• Expensive as treatment is done on regular and frequent intervals

• There may be situations where it may cause blood to clots or not clot properly

• There are higher chances and risk of infection

• You are supposed to follow a restricted diet and lifestyle

• Requires long hours of commitment as the dialysis machine is attached


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Advantages and Disadvantages of Kidney Transplant:



Kidney transplant is a boon to those who have lost all hopes even after sessions of dialysis.





• With the replacement of the damaged kidney with healthy ones, your quality of life improves.

• The tiring job of dialysis is finally removed

• The restrictions that were kept due to dialysis are removed for you to enjoy again.

• You can now choose what you wish to eat which otherwise dialysis did not allow

• It is like a second chance to live the way we want to once again.

• Less expensive as it is a one-time investment.




• Despite you and the kidney donor being the match, your body may react to the new kidney.


• There are major surgery side effects that the body faces and is prone to infection also


• Your body becomes vulnerable to many types of Cancer very easily as the medicines affect the immunity system.


• Not everyone is eligible for transplantation, various other health complication can make you unfit for transplantation.



According to various foreign as well as our own in house doctors like Dr. Tarun Kaushik has given insight over which is a better method to go with, dialysis or a kidney transplant. It really depends on the body and the complication the patient is dealing with and how much is he ready to take on to any of both the procedures. While studies have a strong inclination towards transplantation. Dialysis has been considered as the best temporary alternative. The two procedures have their own pros and cons that have to be balanced out to make a decision. We recommend all our readers and patient to have a full-fledged discussion with their doctors before taking any step.


About: Dr. Kaushik has completed his higher medical training in the United Kingdom. He completed his post-graduation (MRCP) in Internal medicine in 2008. Subsequently, he started his career in the field of Nephrology and Transplantation. Dr. Kaushik has trained in nephrology under University College, London partner institutes. You can book an online appointment now.



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