Galactorrhea: Breast and Nipple Discharge

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Women become easily vulnerable to hormonal changes that occur in their body. The female body is a complex system in its self and little changes or discomfort can cause complication to the female individuals. Galactorrhea, it is one such hormonal disorders that can cause abnormal breast and nipple discharge. So in this blog get all knowledge about the symptoms, causes and even about the necessary diagnosis required. In both sexes, the most common cause of breast and nipple discharge is a prolactin-secreting tumor present in the pituitary gland. Prolactin is a hormone that is responsible for the breasts to produce milk.


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Causes of Breast and Nipple Discharge:



There are some causes which can result in the condition and should be avoided if possible:






Too many medications of various ailment like high blood pressure and depression results in higher risk and chances to develop Galactorrhea or the breast and nipple discharge.



Herbal Supplements:



Females prefer herbal supplements more even for the slightest of the discomfort. This is a major cause as most of these include fenugreek seed, fennel, and anise for treatment.






Birth Control pills should be highly avoided and any contraceptive pills should not be taken until extremely important as it might be the reason of you developing Galactorrhea. Consult your gynecologist for further knowledge over the use of contraceptives.




Chest Damage:


Any chest damage that might have taken place due to the injuries or any kind of surgery or burn might have affected the nerves and caused the condition to rise.





It is the cause of many problems faced by the female body, so we advice all the young and old vibrant ladies, stop taking the stress!





Females have to be aware of the changes that are taking place in their body, if they notice breast and nipple discharge then they should take quick actions, here are the symptoms they should look for


  • Persistent or intermittent milky nipple discharge


  • Nipple discharge involving multiple milk ducts


  • Spontaneously leaked or manually expressed nipple discharge


  • One or both breasts affected



  • Headaches or vision problems


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Diagnosis of Breast and Nipple Discharge (Galactorrhea)



When one suffers from Galactorrhea, it is necessary that proper diagnosis is done to be clear that the condition is severe or not. In some cases, there might be chances that the doctor is unable to explain the actual cause of the breast and nipple discharge.



A physical exam:


This is done by a doctor to check if the problem is severe for example if there are any chances for the chronic disease of cancer that you can face.



A blood test:


In order to check the level of prolactin in your system. If your prolactin level is elevated, it is most likely that the doctor will now check your thyroid level, too.





It is done to know scan the breast tissue if your doctor finds a breast lump or any further observation of suspicious breast or nipple changes during your physical exam.



Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) of the brain, to check for a tumor or other abnormality of your pituitary gland if your blood test reveals an elevated prolactin level.



It is imperative to take care of our body and for females, an extra amount of care is always mandatory. While the breast and nipple discharge might not always be life-threatening, it can be a symptom to further complex situations in the human body. We would advise, not to take any chance and consult your doctors now!


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