Are you Aware of These Which are Often Causes for Kidney Failure

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Taking care of our health and our body parts are extremely important. You must make sure that they are in function and less damaged. The often causes of kidney failure are those which we do not easily get to know. However, here are some of them that we would like to bring your notice. Kidneys filter the body waste and toxins that are collected. They remove waste and it is necessary that they function in a proper way in the body.


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Signs That are Often Causes of Kidney Failure:


It is not a one-day event, that your kidney is about to fail. They are definitely in the process before you even had an idea about it. Hence here are some symptoms that you must look after.


Acute Renal Failure – ARF

ARF occurs when the kidneys suddenly stop filtering waste products from the blood.;

The signs of ARF can be:

1. Swelling of the hands, feet, and face (edema)
2. Internal bleeding
3. Confusion
4. Seizures
5. Coma
6. Abnormal blood and urine tests
7. High blood pressure


A patient with Chronic Renal Failure may not have any symptoms until kidney function declines to 20% or less. At that stage, these signs may appear:


1. Abnormal blood and urine tests
2. High blood pressure
3. Weight loss for no reason
4. Low red blood cell count (anemia)
5. Nausea
6. Vomiting
7. Metal taste in your mouth
8. Loss of appetite
9. Shortness of breath
10. Chest pains
11. Numbness and tingling
12. Swelling of the hands, feet, and face (edema)


As you can see above the symptoms are not something extraordinary in both the cases. It hence becomes difficult to detect sometimes.


What are Often Causes of Kidney Failure?


Below are the following causes that are common for the condition. They are:




Any kind of infection that might have affected your kidney function can lead to kidney failure. It is because due to that infection your kidney could not purify blood properly.


Interrupted Blood Flow to the Kidney:


When due to some other conditions affecting the blood flow to the kidney like glomerulonephritis and lupus, blood is not reaching the kidney can cause the kidney prone to kidney failure. Consult your doctor to know if you are prone to any of these problems.


Difficulty in the Urination:


Kidneys are primarily responsible for waste disposal, and urination plays an important role in making sure that toxins are removed from the body. In case there are problems faced in urination, high chances of acute renal failure can take place.


You in this process might also experience urinary tract infections. In case you do, you must go for a urine test to be sure.


Any Direct Damage to Kidney:


Something like Kidney Damage through another chronic disease like diabetes can lead to kidney problems.


Unregulated Blood Pressure:


High blood pressure and Kidney diseases can result in unbalanced blood pressure in the human body. This adds to blocked arteries in the kidney and finally kidney failure. It also results in damage to blood vessels in the long run.


Chronic Kidney Failure:


The above causes are common and are mostly under acute kidney failure. The following are some which can be regarded as the often causes of kidney failure when the chronic stage is concerned.


Diabetes :


The causes of Chronic Kidney failure is related to the higher sugar levels in your body. It is linked to diabetes types 1 and 2. If the patient’s diabetes is not well controlled. Excess sugar is accumulated in the blood and

Kidney disease is not common during the first 10 years of diabetes; it more commonly occurs 15-25 years after diagnosis of diabetes.




High blood pressure or Hypertension as it is called, are often causes of Kidney failure. The inefficient red blood cells and blood vessels to filter blood waste results in the kidney being inefficient as well.

Thus a regular and long driven high blood patient can suffer from kidney disease.

The imbalance of potassium and sodium in your body ultimately puts pressure and stress on the Kidney.


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Tumour and Kidney Disease:


Any kind of tumor or kidney stones that might develop in your body will lead to kidney failure. They are often causes of kidney failure.

This is because, at the end of the day, the kidney fails to purify the body and expel waste. Other Kidney diseases include polycystic kidney disease.


Kidney Artery Stenosis :


In this particular cause, the renal artery narrows. This means that it is blocked before it enters the kidney.




Sometimes there toxins that might go in the body without notice. You will be surprised that even jewelry toxins that somehow enter the body can cause kidney failure.

Systemic lupus erythematosus – It is an autoimmune disease. There are foreign bodies that attack kidneys and lead to kidney failure. The immune system of the body is bad in this case.


Fever Due to Various Reasons:


  • Malaria and yellow fever are often causes of kidney failure


  • Few medicines often cause kidney failure: Overuse and overdose of these, for example, aspirin or ibuprofen tend to affect your kidney. If you continue to use them without proper restriction, they might lead to kidney failure.


  • Common over the counter drugs like pain killers can harm your kidneys if you consume it frequently. You can intake if you have healthy kidneys and take them often. If you suffer from longtime pain in any part of your body, you should visit your doctor for a permanent solution and not depend on these drugs.


  • Our body has many descriptive systems that help it keep itself in good condition. One of the major functions performed in our body is waste removal. The toxins are removed from our body with the help of our kidneys.


However, conditions like Chronic Kidney Disease can hamper the working of this particular system. Therefore, let us know what are the causes of Chronic Kidney Disease that one should keep in mind while reading about the condition.


Often causes of Kidney failure are very common and hence slips from our head. The final stage of kidney failure leads to a kidney transplant. Kidneys for transplant come from people who have agreed to donate their kidneys when they die. That too has a long process of detecting the right kind of kidney. For any further doubts about Kidney Failure, you can contact our experts and visit our website.


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