What Can Be The Effects of Skipping Blood Pressure Medicine?

Dr Ankit Om

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We as humans are extremely forgetful and with the busy schedules of our lives, we tend to ignore these little things. One of the most common conditions that people of all ages go through is blood pressure. While there are medicines that one can take to keep the blood pressure in control, one cannot risk skipping these medicines. There are severe effects of skipping blood pressure medicines. They can be fatal and as dangerous as a stroke-causing, an untimely death.


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What is Blood Pressure?


Blood vessels can be defined as the pressure the blood flows against the walls of blood vessels. They are supposed to be kept in a proper range for an individual’s well being. Both, low and high blood pressure are extremely dangerous as it can directly result in the process taken up by your heart. The desired blood pressure is less than 120 over 80 (120/80).


What are the Effects of Skipping Blood Pressure Medicine?


1) Heart Conditions:


As we know that blood pressure has a direct link to the functioning of our heart, if you skip your blood pressure medicines, you are likely to develop a heart condition wherein you are at high risk of any kind of cardiological complication in the body.



2) Increase The Risk of Strokes:


The patients who fail to regularly take their blood pressure medicine seem to face a lot of trouble. One of the main effects of skipping blood pressure medicine is that it increases the rate of strokes that you can face. And according to a recent study published in the European Heart Journal, not taking blood pressure medications properly drastically increases stroke risk in patients with hypertension.


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3) Heart Failure:


Well, it is no secret that your heart is the source of blood circulation in your body. It regulated the oxygen infusion process in our body. If there is any problem with the pressure at which the blood flows in the body, it directly affects the working of the heart. The cases of heart failure have seen an increased number among those who have did not keep a regular practice of taking medicines.



4) Other Diseases and Complication:


The flow of blood is necessary for various process in the body, hence blood pressure when unregulated leads to diseases such as diabetes, paralysis and other major health issues.



5) Hypertension:


The effects of skipping the blood pressure medicines also involve the increase of hypertension condition in a person. High blood pressure is directly related to hypertension and affects the daily working of the person.



According to Reuters “Compared with people who rarely took their prescribed daily drugs, patients who used the pills 26 percent to 50 percent of the time were 17 percent less likely to be hospitalized for heart failure. The risk was 34 percent lower for individuals who took their medicine at least 75 percent of the time.”


Taking your medicines regularly is your responsibility and dedication towards keeping yourself healthy and fit. No one should ever skip their medicines and while you can see the effects of skipping blood pressure medicines in the writeup, you can also ask your doubts for any other ailment from our doctors and consultants. Dr. Pradeep Nayak is one of the best heart specialists near me. He is an interventional cardiologist who has expertise in surgeries associated with the heart.


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