What are the Causes of Scabies?

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Allergies and infections are a troubled time to get through. Scabies that is a rare kind of infection and commonly is considered as “infestation” causes severe itching and can be infested through the presence of dandruff. There are various causes of scabies that range from dirty mattresses to unwashed clothes. It is usually curable, however, different stages of scabies are there which might need a prolonged medication-taking place. We would along with this also be discussing some facts about scabies as well.


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Causes of Scabies:


These are the causes of scabies and they are also those which can be easily prevented if the stage of scabies is treatable.


The Mite:


The mite that spreads the scabies is the first major cause of scabies being infested in any individual. The female mite burrows deep inside the skin of the humans and after a certain number of days starts dropping larvae which then multiply and becomes extremely difficult to get the infection away. These larvae multiply that causes extreme rashes as the immune system responds accordingly which can also cause inflammation. The adult form of the larvae is able to mate and further proceeds with eating the human host while resting inside the skin. A pregnant female mite may travel through close human contact with another person, where she can then start the whole infectious process all over again


Crowded Conditions:


Scabies outbreak is mostly seen in the kids, more than adults. Also, they are mostly to be found in places that are crowded. Areas like daily health care, nurseries are major spots where you might find the mite causing the infestation. This is because they are not well kept or they aren’t cleaned on a regular basis.



Close Contact:


Any close contact with those individuals can lead to an infestation of scabies. This is because the mite crawls down to the other individual and then the female might starts building the deep burrows in the other person. Skin contacts are the major source, even sexual partners can face the condition, and therefore a major cause of suffering from scabies.


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Contaminated Items


Not all but most of the households and residential might have the chances of being infected with scabies. The mite can live on furniture, bedding, towels, and clothing for several days, causing transmission of the infection.



Pets and animals:


Though they might not be a dangerous source of scabies mite, as those mite found on the mites are not that dangerous than the human infesting mites. The animal ones might cause little irritation and inflammation and would go after some time.


Here are some facts and pointers apart from the causes of scabies


  • Scabies mite needs skin to feed and survive and can live up to 48-72 hrs.


  • The rash and itching are due to the body’s allergic reaction to the mites, their eggs, and their waste.


  • The average person infested with scabies will have 15 to 20 mites present.


  • Those at highest risk of developing crusted scabies include the immune-compromised, the elderly, and those housed in institutional settings.



It is always recommended to stay clean and tidy to be away from any kind of infection. In the case of scabies, it is recommended to regularly clean your clothes and bedding to prevent the causes of scabies. We have various health experts who can give more insights about other infections and allergies.


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