Risk Factors to Recognize Prediabetes

Somya Verma

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What can a sweet tooth cost you? A condition of prediabetes or generally also known as borderline diabetes. It is necessary to recognize different aspects of prediabetes so that it does not become fatal. There might be cases where prediabetes would lead to type 2 diabetes. Most of our doctors consider this type of diabetes as a stage where the body becomes highly resistant to insulin. It is, therefore, necessary to understand the symptoms and risk factors of what might lead you to have prediabetes.


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Risk Factors to Help Recognize Prediabetes:



Though there might be no direct symptoms or signs, the following risk factors have to be kept in mind while you are worried about getting prediabetic.


1) Obesity


We are very well aware of how being overweight is a source of so many health issues and prediabetes is one of them. Your body has too much extra sugar and this can lead to insulin not being effective at all.


2) Inactivity


Shaking your leg here and there does more good than harm to us. If you are prone to being lazy, it is an alarm that the prediabetic condition might be on its way to you.


3) Age


The age factors work in all the health condition, as it is a prediabetic condition, there might not be a general constraint on the age that can be affected. It is usually the middle age people who are prone to being diabetic. While diabetes can develop at any age, the risk of prediabetes increases after 45.


4) Family History


A family history with close relatives already suffering from diabetes might make you a direct recipient of acquiring the condition of prediabetes.


5) A Heavy Child at Birth


A heavy child at birth is an indication that you might be suffering from Gestational diabetes, and hence recognize that you and your child might suffer from prediabetes.


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What to do When you Recognize Prediabetes?


People are scared that they might get diabetes if they are prediabetic, though the chances are high you can still protect yourself from the diabetic stage.


a) Eat Healthily:


Choose healthy over junk food. Keep a good diet and make sure that does not have too much sugar that can cause a problem and make you vulnerable to type 2 diabetes.


b) Exercise:


A very important factor that ensures the body is in balance. The sugar level is kept at the right amount and you do not have any further health issue. Aim for 150 minutes of exercise each week.


c) Lose Weight:


It is great to feel comfortable in your skin, but remember that bad weight is harmful. You should lose weight if you have diabetic relatives or parents because it makes you directly a source of getting prediabetes.



d) Less Sugar:


Keep control over your sweet tooth and try to substitute it with other things in your diet. Regular consumption is hazardous.


e) Stay Away From Drugs and Stress:


These two, drugs and stress are the source of many diseases and should be avoided at any cost to lead a healthy life.



To recognize prediabetes you can also go for regular blood sugar level check-up and also blood tests as per asked by the doctor. According to various researchs “One 2017 review found that people who regularly drink sugary beverages face an increased risk of metabolic diseases, such as high blood pressure and high levels of blood glucose and fats. These metabolic conditions can lead to prediabetes and diabetes.” Any doubt regarding prediabetes will be cleared by our health experts and you are free to ask for their consultation.


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