Junk Food Addiction, Surprised To Hear? Read it Here

Somya Verma

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Hogging all the time? Do you look at Zomato and Swiggy more than you look at your fitness apps? That is probably because you do not just love food but you love junk food. We hardly realize but you can get Junk Food addiction, and not even know. This can be because of your eating habits as a kid or can also be because of your stress eating. Whatever might be the reason but we are here to tell you something more about it.


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What is all this about junk food addiction?


It sounds funny that “eating” can be an addiction, well, your increasing weight can be a sign for you, is it not? Junk food addiction is a routine for youngsters nowadays most of us are usually consuming junk foods on a daily basis. This is actually not good for our health and our body as well, it makes our body fat, unhealthy and weakens our heart. It will be unfair if we keep blaming the young people because even grown-ups have to face this.


What is Junk Food Addiction?


After the ungeneralization that only the young are addicted, we are here to tell what it is. Junk food addiction is comparable to drug addiction. Food addiction is like other eating disorders, such as binge eating disorder, bulimia, compulsive overeating, and other unhealthy relationships with food.


Junk food addiction is a comprehensive term and pretty much encompasses anything which adds calories, fat, and sugar with few nutrients to back it up. Soda, salty snacks, many traditionally prepared baked goods, fast food, packaged food the list goes on and on. The real issue is the fact which many of us eat junk food on a routine and that kind of nutritional habit isn’t good for our health, hearts or hips. Sometimes you feel powerless when faced with your favorite junk foods.


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Do you see signs that can tell about Junk Food Addiction?


It is just like any other addiction and is bound to have symptoms. Some of them like smoking and drinking have signs and symptoms. Here are some for this one:


1. Frequently get cravings for certain foods, despite feeling full and having just finished a nutritious meal.

2. When you give in and start eating food you craved, you often find yourself eating much more than intended.

3. When you eat food you craved, you sometimes eat to the point of feeling excessively stuffed.

4. You normally feel guilty after eating particular foods yet find yourself eating them again soon after.

5. You sometimes make excuses in your head about why you should eat something that you’re craving.

6. You have repeatedly but unsuccessfully tried to quit eating certain foods or set rules for them, such as cheat meals or days.

7. You usually hide your consumption of unhealthy foods from others.

8. You feel unable to control the consumption of unhealthy foods despite knowing that they cause you physical harm, including weight gain.


Do you know Junk Food Addiction can affect your brain?


Food addiction involves the same areas of your brain as drug addiction. Although the same neurotransmitters are also involved, and many of the symptoms are identical.


Processed junk foods have a powerful effect on the reward centers of your brain. These food effects are caused by brain neurotransmitters like dopamine. The most problematic foods include typical junk foods like candy, sugary soda, and high-fat fried foods.


What more problems can food addiction cause?


Though the term “addiction” is often thrown around lightly, having a true addiction is a serious problem. The symptoms and thought processes related to a food addiction are similar to drug abuse. It’s just a different substance and the social consequences may be less severe. Food addiction causes physical harm and leads to serious diseases like obesity and type 2 diabetes. Although it may negatively impact your self-esteem and self-image, making you unhappy with your body. Junk Food addiction may take an emotional toll and increase the risk of premature death.


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