Bladder Leakage Problem in Females: Can Be a Cause of Embarrassment

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Bladder leakage problem in females is described by the term urinary incontinence which affects several people. Usually, people think that it occurs only in among older or the menopausal women, that is not completely right. Actually, It is also common among young and active women.


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Inability to control the bladder leakage problem in females accompanied by pain can be a warning sign for various disorders ranging from a minor infection to cancer. However, bladder cancer is not so common, so there is no reason to worry and bladder pain is usually not serious.


Causes of Bladder Leakage problem in Females:


There are various causes of bladder leakage problem in females are as follows:


Urinary Tract Infection: UTI is one of the most common causes of bladder leakage and it affects women more than men due to anatomical structure. It can also happen at any age.


Medicinal Side Effect: Inability to control bladder leakage can be a result of the controlling of certain medicinal substances like antidepressants, alpha-blockers, sleeping pills and various narcotics.


Changes in the Reproductive System: Fluctuations in hormone levels and pregnancy can be the cause of bladder and irritation, which leads to bladder leakage and incontinence.


Impacted stool: when stool gets tightly packed in the lower end of the digestive system and rectum, bladder control is affected. Constraint strain and chronic constipation on the lower intestines leads to the weakening of bladder muscles and hampers the bladder control.


Surgical Side Effects: Loss of control of the bladder for some time is often a result of prior surgery and radiation therapy in the pelvic region.


Nerve Damage and neurological disorders: Spinal cord injuries and strokes have a heavy impact on bladder control and can because of the bladder leakage to urinary incontinence. Diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis also lead to the problem of bladder leakage in the females.


Health Complications: Health complications like diabetes and obesity directly affect the bladder and the ability to control the leakage problem in the bladder.


Disability and Impaired Mobility: for women who are physically impaired and suffer from problems of arthritis, urinary incontinence is a major problem as they are unable to reach the toilet easily.


Bladder cancer: even though it is extremely rare, bladder cancer affects a number of women every year and is treated through surgery and chemotherapy.


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Ways to Control Bladder Leakage Problems in Females:


Regardless of the causing of bladder leakage problems in females, there is good news: The vast majority of cases can either be cured or significantly improved with the help of some strategies:


Watch your diet


You should cut the embarrassing movement of bladder leaks by avoiding certain foods, drinks and ingredients, including:




  • Artificial sweeteners


  • Caffeine


  • Carbonated beverages



  • Citrus fruits and tomatoes


  • Corn syrup


  • Honey


  • Spicy foods

How to Train Your Bladder To Control:


There are certain exercises that can help you keep your bladder better control:


  • Kegel exercises. Kegels helps you regularly tighten certain muscles in your pelvis to strengthen them, which helps you become more leak-proof.


  • The Knack. With this method, you can control the leakage while you cough, sneeze or do another activity that tends to trigger a leak.





The bladder leakage problem in females is common and sometimes its go on their own. But if it persists for a long period then you should consult a doctor for better treatment. If you are hesitant in consulting a male doctor, you can also book an online appointment with lady urologist in Noida. You can freely talk to her about your problems.


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