Breathing Problem : Don’t Ignore It, Can Be A Alarm of any Disease

Somya Verma

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What makes a dead or living differ? The fact that one cannot breathe and the other can! It is said “Life is in the breath. He who half breathes half lives”. It is difficult to imagine what would happen if someday we are unable to breathe properly? Breathing problems are always dealt with great care, yet we fail to prevent problems. We do not understand, what are the symptoms, what are the causes or what are the treatments and diagnosis of these breathing problems.


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Causes of Breathing Problem:


When you get an idea about what is making you go through the breathing problems, immediately consult a doctor. While you might wonder what caused the sudden short-breathlessness. Here are some of the causes that might be the reason and should be given utmost priority while deciding what caused the breathing problem :



1) Asthma:


There is a strong chance that either you have Asthma or you are soon to acquire the problem as you are already suffering from the breathing problem.


2) Anxiety:


The anxiety and panic attacks can lead to you breathing hard, and this might cause you to get breathing problems in the future.


3) Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease:


Also known as COPD, it is caused due to the inflow of fresh air into the lungs is somehow disturbed. This might cause the person to suffer from breathing problems.


4) Overweight and Obesity:


Increased weight affects the heart and increases the flow of blood. It might then obstruct a smooth breathing process and cause difficulty in breathing.


5) Heart dysfunctions:


There are problems with the working of the heart might lead to difficulty in breathing and this would lead to severe problems and not such relating to the heart.



While the above mentioned are among the chronic reasons of breathing conditions, we can also face short-breath problems due to increase cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, inflated heart and even some of the allergies might cause breathing problems.



Symptoms of Breathing Problem:



We think that because if it is the most common problem that is faced by us, why should one know everything about it? But here are the symptoms that might have to been seen more importantly.


  • Trouble breathing when you lie flat



  • Lips or fingertips turning blue


  • Wheezing – regular breathing in and out


  • Stridor – pitched noise while breathing


  • Worsening of pre-existing shortness of breath after using your inhalers


  • Breathlessness that does not go away after 30 minutes of rest




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Diagnosis of Breathing Problems:


How do we get to know that we might already have the breathing problems that we are facing? You need to see a doctor, and they would do the basic diagnose before giving their final answer. These diagnose might include:


  • Allergy tests


  • Chest x-rays



  • Ct scans


  • Arterial blood gas analysis



Hence do not hesitate in discussing the breathing problems as ignoring it might lead to something as grave as an untimely death. We have to take cautious and if any help is needed, you can always visit our website and receive the needed assistance.



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