Is High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy Dangerous?

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Pregnancy is such a beautiful time for a woman in her life, the sweet pain is worth every discomfort that pregnancy brings with it. However, while there are small discomforts that we can forgo, there are some we can’t. One such problem that we might face is high blood pressure during pregnancy. Most of the time we have this confusion if this high blood pressure might be dangerous for the mother and the child. Is it true that high blood pressure is bad during pregnancy? While your pregnancy has various complications there are chances you might be prone to future hazards of getting a heart disease or kidney problem also.


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Types of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy:


There are some types of high blood pressure condition that pregnant women might during the condition.



Gestational Hypertension.


Women with gestational hypertension usually develop this condition within 20 weeks into pregnancy. There might not be higher protein in the urine and at the same time, there is no such organ damage. Some women with gestational hypertension might have the chance of developing preeclampsia after 30 weeks of their pregnancy.



Chronic Hypertension:


Chronic hypertension is high blood pressure that was present even before the woman got pregnant and is also 20 weeks before. But because high blood pressure usually doesn’t have symptoms, it becomes difficult to calculate when it actually happened.





Preeclampsia occurs when hypertension develops after 20 weeks of pregnancy and can cause damage to the heart, liver and even brain. Untreated preeclampsia can leads to a fatal condition for the mother and the unborn child also.


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Causes of High Blood Pressure During Pregnancy


One has to be aware of what are the causes of high blood pressure, and if you think you have gone through this, you must meet your doctor now.


  • Being overweight or obese


  • No exercise or physical activity




  • First-time pregnancy


  • A family history of pregnancy-related hypertension


  • Carrying more than one child


  • Age, mostly above 35


  • Assistive reproductive technology





This is a general question that comes in every woman’s mind about the complications that can be caused due to high blood pressure during pregnancy. Well, this not to scare our ladies but the complication depends on which level are you suffering from high blood pressure.


You might think that it is easy to get away with high blood pressure, however, it becomes dangerous when you are pregnant and then facing high blood pressure at a fatal level. The major complications that might be caused because of high blood pressure during pregnancy are a miscarriage and premature birth of the baby. Placental damage and low weight of the baby at the time of pregnancy might be because of the high blood pressure that you were suffering from while you were bearing your child.



The treatment of this is simple and starts with proper consultation with your doctor and a proper discussion regarding your condition. The second one is taking care of the medication given to keep your blood pressure in balance. In the end, one very important aspect is that of your diet and exercise that you do, and remember what has to be kept off-limits. High blood pressure during pregnancy can be extremely dangerous and needs quick attention. Any help needed can be obtained on our website.


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