Delusional Disorder: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment

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A very famous movie “JOKER” and the person who plays this character is Joaquin Phoenix. In the movie he is dealing with Delusion disorder. As in this disorder, the person starts feeling, angry, irritable, Non- Bizarre symptoms and experiencing hallucinations. In this blog, we are taking the initiative to provide detailed information about Delusional Disorder and its symptoms and more importantly the treatment.


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What is Delusion Disorder?


Delusional disorder is also known as a paranoid disorder. It is a type of serious mental illness called a “psychosis” in which a person cannot express that what is real from what is imagined. The main part of this disorder is the person starts experiencing the presence of delusions, which are unshakable beliefs in something untrue.

What are the Symptoms of Delusional Disorder?


Here are only three major symptoms of this disorder such as:


  • Non-bizarre delusions are the most obvious symptom like-  being followed, poisoned, deceived, conspired against or loved from a distance.
  • Angry, irritable, or low mood
  • Hallucinations


What are the Types of Delusional Disorder?


There are 5 types of disorders include:


Erotomanic: In this type of delusional disorder another person, often someone important or famous, is in love with him or her. They might effort to contact the object of the delusion, and stalking.


Grandiose: In this type the person has an over-inflated sense of worth, power, knowledge, or identity.


Jealous: In this term, the person believes that his or her spouse or sexual partner is unfaithful.


Persecutory: In this type of delusional disorder the person believes that they re being mistreated, or someone is spying on them or planning to harm them.


Somatic: In this type of disorder the person who is dealing with this, believes that he or she has a physical defect or medical problem.


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What are the Causes of Delusional Disorder?


There are 3 causes of this disorder include:


Genetic: This disorder is more common in people who have family members with this disorder. It is believed that, as with other mental disorders, a tendency to develop delusional disorder might be passed on from parents to their children.


Biological: According to the researchers are studying how abnormalities of certain areas of the brain might be involved in the development of delusional disorders.


Environmental/psychological: As per the studies this disorder can be triggered by stress. Excess consumption of alcohol and drug abuse also contribute to the condition. People who tend to be isolated, like immigrants or those with poor sight and hearing, appear to be more vulnerable to developing the delusional disorder.


What is the Possible Treatment of Delusional Disorder?


Honestly, this disorder is very difficult to treat. This is treated through some antipsychotic drugs, antidepressants, and mood-stabilizing medications are frequently used to treat this mental illness and there is a growing interest in psychological therapies such as psychotherapy and cognitive-behavioural therapy (CBT) as a means of treatment.

I believed that you’ll get the appropriate information from this blog, as this delusional disorder is very difficult to handle or treat. But it can be controlled through some drugs and therapies. To get an instant appointment or consultation regarding delusional disorder treatment, you can contact us on Whatsapp (+91 9654030724) or email us at, regarding our services. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.


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