Depression Affects Your Sex Life Too!

Somya Verma

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It is no secret that people who deal with depression have difficulty in getting through most of their days. It is not delightful and hence it deprives them of the many pleasures in life like sex. Gone are the days when adults were shy to talk about the intimacy that kept their relationship going, and now talk openly about the related problems and causes that might be the reasons of things going wrong in their sex life. We in this blog would attempt to remove the taboo and discuss how depression affects your sex life.


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Depression can have a long-lasting and huge impact on sexual relationships. It can reduce the ability to feel emotionally secure with your partner, and it can rob us of our desire for and enjoyment of sexual connection. Well is sex a cure for anxiety and depression? This might be a bit disappointing, but no it is not a “cure”. However, it helps the body in releasing some feel-good hormones that help to reduce the impact and effect of depression for the meanwhile.



What are the Symptoms of Depression Affecting Your Sex Life?



1) Reduced pleasure:


Depressed people find it difficult to find pleasure in things they used to, including engaging in a sexual relationship that they might have previously really enjoyed. And it further makes them slip into depression. This results in the body suffering overall.



2) Emotionally Sensitive:


With increased depression, the individual might think that they are inadequate in performing any task. This leads to them avoiding any kind of sexual activity and depression affects your sex life in this case. When things happen to start going wrong in a sexual relationship, as they are bound to do from time to time, depressed people may misinterpret these temporary changes as their failure.


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3) Fatigue and Tiredness


It would be weird to see that a depressed person is jumping and climbing all over the place. Depression makes a person go low on energy. Tiredness without doing anything is a very clear sign that you might be suffering from depression. Hence when you are depressed and low on energy, both of which affect the sexual act and pleasure derived from the act.



4) Difficulty in Socializing


Meeting new people, socializing and being affectionate is the least thing that a depressed person would be found doing. The fact that they feel unworthy of love will make their partner also frustrated. This is because their behavior would now affect their performance in bed or during sex. The act of lovemaking demands a bit of affection which might be lacking from the depressed partner.



5) Irritation


One might feel irritates during the sexual act and this would lead the partner to assume the notion of disinterest. This would not only make depression affect your sex life but also your other aspects of the relationship.



What Should You Do When Depression Affects Your Sex Life?


Deal with the depression that is the solution at hand. It is necessary that you try enough to solve the issue of depression. If you do so, it will automatically lead to the problems in your sex life also being eradicated. Depression can affect your life in many ways, Going to sex therapy with your partner may alleviate misunderstandings about the sexual process and increase a person’s confidence in their technique. You can ask all your doubts from our experts to be furthermore clear on the topic.


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