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Childhood and adolescence are the most cherished times of our lives. We are free and careless, we have no responsibilities to handle and we can do whatever makes us happy. However, the sad truth of today is that even at this stage there might be many children and adolescents who might suffer from depression. Causes of depression in children and adolescents can haunt them for life long. It is always there in the subconscious mind of the child. Depression in adolescence is common but sadly it is unrecognized.


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What Can be Symptoms of Depression in Adolescence?


1) Too Much of Sleep


It is very obvious that excessive sleep can be harmful. Yet, most of the parents fail to understand that it might not be a habit. Depression in adolescence has many symptoms and sleeping for long hours is one of them.


2) Tired Easily


Parents might be scolding their teenagers of being lethargic. They though forget about one fact, these can be because your child is suffering. Getting tired where on one hand can be immunity issues, depression has also been observed as a cause.


3) Too Quiet


People are either introvert or extroverts, but not quite all the time. If your child is actually not opening up in front of anyone, he or she might be suffering from some kind of depression. It is one of the behavioral change that indicates the condition.


4) Rebellious Behavior


There might be cases where the child has a really rebellious behavior. They do not like things that family or friends do or do not agree to things easily. They rebel on the least causes and tend to answer back very often.


5) Suicidal


It is not about the weight of the school bags but a bigger pressure on their minds. They might be suffering from serious bullying or peer pressure. The child when talking about killing and death is scary as the depression in adolescence does indicate suicidal instinct.


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What does Research Say About Depression in Adolescence?


According to the observation made by the famous Lancet research “The incidence, notably in girls, rises sharply after puberty and, by the end of adolescence, the 1-year prevalence rate exceeds 4%. The burden is highest in low-income and middle-income countries. Depression is associated with substantial present and future morbidity and heightens suicide risk.


The strongest risk factors for depression in adolescents are a family history of depression and exposure to psychosocial stress. Inherited risks, developmental factors, sex hormones, and psychosocial adversity interact to increase risk through hormonal factors and associated perturbed neural pathways.


Although many similarities between depression in adolescence and depression in adulthood exist, in adolescents the use of antidepressants is of concern and opinions about clinical management are divided. Effective treatments are available, but choices are dependent on depression severity and available resources. Prevention strategies targeted at high-risk groups are promising.”


Is Adolescent Sadness and Adolescent Depression Same?


While sadness and depression, in general, are considered as same. There is a lot of difference. Sadness can be momentary, however, when it is persistent, it can then be termed as an adolescent in depression. One should never let their child suffer from depression. While the cause is multiple, the treatment is not. On our website, you will always find the help that you need by our reliable health experts.


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