200 and More Test Positive for Dengue in J&K

Anju Bisht

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Surprisingly, about 222 people have been tested positive for dengue in Jammu and Kashmir this year, in the statement of a health department official, there is no need to panic as necessary measures are ready to deal with the vector-borne disease. There were about 214 dengue patients last year, and yet no one has died in the last four years due to the disease, the official said.


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The officials reported, “It is not a panic situation as almost all patients have recovered fully. We got the first dengue patient on August 2 and at present, the downtrend in such cases has already started and the threat of dengue will be over by next week.”



Since 1 January, there were about 1084 blood samples for the screening of which 222 were tested positive for dengue, said an official.



He added, the health department launched a campaign to educate people about the preventive measures to be taken to keep themselves safe from the disease.



Additionally, Jammu Municipal Corporation (JMC) also initiated a thermal fogging campaign and special sanitation drive to combat the spread of dengue and malaria.



In the meantime, Sanjeev Verma the Divisional Commissioner of Jammu reviewed the measures being taken up to deal with dengue in the Jammu division at a high-level meeting. The official spokesman said, in the meeting, it was informed that adequate arrangements have been prepared to treat the patients and to deal with the disease.



He said respective officers are notified in the meeting that sufficient blood, treatment, and diagnostic equipment are available in the hospitals and no casualty is reported so far.



Besides fogging and sprays Verma instructed JMC to ensure regular sanitary drives in every ward of the city and cleanliness of lanes. He made things clear with the health services department, ensure that the dengue patients get proper and immediate treatment in all the health institutions of the division.



Also, he asked the department to ensure that awareness regarding the preventive measures and treatment for dengue is raised in every nook and corner of the region to fight the spread of this dreaded disease.


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