Diabetes Patches: Know How To Use & Advantages

Divya Tripathi

, Health A2Z

Now, there is good news for diabetes patients, The one should be thankful for the technology that provides a device for diabetics to monitor blood sugar levels without finger-prick blood tests.


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Diabetes patches use the sensors, that are designed to wear for 14 days. These are intended to replace blood glucose meters while giving the blood sugar level of people who are dealing with diabetes just like continuous glucose monitoring.


How do Diabetes Patches Work?


The first step to use diabetes patches is you have to fix the sensor to the back of your upper arm. Then the sensor is pressed onto a disposable applicator and the applicator is pushed down to apply the tiny sterile sensor to your upper arm. The sensor goes just under your skin and is connected.


The sensor monitors the glucose of your internal fluid between your cells rather than blood glucose levels. This sensor is also connected to the transmitter that wirelessly transmits results to a special scanner or an app on your smartphone. You have to hold the scanner, or your smartphone, near to the sensor for around 3 seconds.


What are the Advantages of Diabetes Patches:


The benefits of the diabetes patches monitoring system are:


  • It is discrete and appropriate.


  • Diabetes patches takes your blood sugar readings every minute without ant intervention.


  • It gives 8 hours of easy to view glucose history which means patients get more information about the effects of different foods and activity on their glucose levels.


  • It’s factory-calibrated so it doesn’t require finger-prick blood glucose measurements for calibration.


  • The sensor remains inserted for 14 days.


  • It stores your readings for up to 90 days.


  • It provides an easy way to share information with your doctor or diabetes nurse.


  • It’s approved for children aged 4 to 17 and means parents or carers can manage night-time monitoring with a scan, rather than having to wake children to take a finger-prick blood test.



  • It’s reported to be about as accurate as a CGM.




Diabetes patches is a sensor-based device which is used to know the exact sugar level inside your body.  You can get your blood sugar level every second without pricking. But before using it consult with your doctor about its usage.


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