Know The Diabetic Meal Plan For Night Shift Workers

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There are very few people who would actually opt for the night shift. If unfortunately you are forced to, it is a trouble of its own nature. The cherry on the cake is when you suffer from chronic conditions like diabetes. How do you manage your diet and sleep? Well, we do not have much help with your sleep but can surely help you out with your diet. The following discussion will be regarding diabetic meal plan for night shift workers.


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Shift work often requires you to work at different hours. When you eat and sleep at different times, this affects how well your body can keep blood glucose levels at a healthy level. Mental and physical stress that sometimes comes with shift work might also affect your blood glucose levels.


Items in the Diabetic Meal Plan for Night Shift Workers :


Veg Daliya:


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One of the best options to include in the diabetic meal plan for night shift workers. With a lower glycemic index, it is also very rich in terms of fibers. This results in you eating less and maintaining your sugar levels at the right amount. Adding this to your daily meal as well can cure diabetes naturally. The preferred and recommended time and quantity are: (7-8 Pm) – vegetable Dalia ( 1 bowl ),1 bowl Cucumber raita+1 bowl salad.



Cucumber Raita:


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While raita is every Indian’s favorite add on, it must be consumed with little difference for diabetic patients. With the anti-oxidant and detox capabilities, cucumber helps you to avoid the maintain a healthy stomach. According to a study published in the journal of Plant Foods for Human Nutrition, “type-2 diabetes patients could lower their blood sugar levels by eating cucumber. The nutritious vegetable could help diabetics as it contains high fiber content; fiber is key to lowering blood sugar levels”.




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Well, no chronic disease like diabetes management can go without eating the right amount of salad. With great varieties of healthy veggies and other meaty stuff, salad is fulfilling in itself. Complement your meal with sliced carrots and celery or fruit salad.




Green Tea and Black Coffee:


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These two drinks help and support the good immune system. If you have a low metabolism, this is what you should have. It is though a bonus to night shift workers. It is because drinking black coffee will not only hold your blood sugar down but keep you alert in your work. So while it is a major addon to the diabetic meal plan for night shift workers, the best employee badge is on your way! You can take these along with some healthy snacks in this quantity: (10-11 Pm)- green tea / black coffee with roasted channa / digestive biscuit (1-2).


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Coconut Water:


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A lot of studies have proved have shown that coconut water can lower blood sugar levels. Not only this, coconut water is a good source of magnesium. It has been proved to improve insulin sensitivity and decrease blood sugar levels in people with type 2 diabetes and prediabetes. The following quantity must be maintained: (1-2 Am) – 1 fruit (apple/orange)or Coconut water.






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We would like to tell our readers that protein is good for your body as it helps you lose weight. Yet, not heavy fried chicken or fish balls are to be consumed. Roasted chicken is the best choice in this which we recommend. Fish and Prawns on the other hand in less oil are good for diabetic patients. Follow the following quantity (3-4 Am )- (1 -2) ragi roti , mix vegetable + fish / roasted chicken (80 gm ) paneer / dal ( 30 gm ).



Along with the above food items, you also have to maintain the time. When following the diabetic meal plan for night shift workers, you have to take care of the breaks you take while eating. We are providing you free meal plans that you can follow to be safe and healthy in your condition. Visit our website now!


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