Diabetic Shock and Insulin Reactions Can Have Complications And Symptoms

Somya Verma

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Diabetes is a chronic condition that can lead to many other problems and it becomes important to know as much as possible. As a diabetic patient, you have to be known to the diabetic shock and insulin reaction. Let us break it into two different parts for you so that you understand the individual consequences as well as the collective implication.


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What is Diabetic shock and insulin reaction?


Diabetic shock and insulin reaction deals mainly with the side effects and the complication that will occur. In case of a diabetic shock, it can mean that your sugar levels have spiked up and you do not have an idea about it, how it happened.


Similarly, when it comes to insulin reactions, it can lead to overdose or neglect it. In and for both type 1 and type 2 diabetic patients.


What symptoms and complications does Diabetic shock and insulin reaction have?



In the case of diabetes shock and insulin reaction, we have a number of complications and symptoms that you might find. Like let’s say, we are dealing with someone who is a type 2 diabetic person. In case they take too much if insulin, they might have a high quantity of it in their blood.


This is something very dangerous for them, so how do we get to stop that? Well, here are some of the things that you must notice while you have the condition


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1) Dizziness


You might feel a bit dizzy. It is because of the massive drop in the sugar level of your body. This only makes it worse as then you tend to feel sleepy all day.


2) Shaking


There can be nervousness and an anxious feeling. A rush in your body that might lead to the body shiver. Your hands tend to shake and you feel it’s too much to take.


3) Sweating


The normal idea of anxiety is when you either start to shiver really hard or you are sweating. In diabetic shock and insulin reaction, you can experience this kind of behavior.


4) Hunger


You might feel extra hungry. Be careful here, the diabetic shock and insulin reaction can cause this problem as well. Do not overeat to spike your sugar levels up.


5) Rapid pulse


You feel a rush and your heart beats going faster with the insulin reaction. This is a warning sign, get your online appointment with your doctor and order medicine online from our app.


Complications brought by Diabetic shock and insulin reaction


Severe hypoglycemia, or insulin shock, is a serious health risk for anyone with diabetes. Also called insulin reaction, as a consequence of too much insulin, it can occur anytime there is an imbalance between the insulin in your system, the amount of food you eat, or your level of physical activity. It can even happen while you are doing all you think you can do to manage your diabetes.


It is hence one of the major complications that you face when you are hit by diabetic shock and insulin reaction.


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