Mood And Mental Health, Lift Both Of Them UP

Somya Verma

, Health A2Z

How many times, you must have said this to your friends “Yaar, mood nahi hai”. It is not that your mood and mental health might be different, but it can be the same sometimes. If you constantly feel lazy and tires, you automatically feel low. Your mood changes, you become irritated easily, you tend to not like things around you. So let us tell you why do you feel depressed and how mood and mental health are linked.


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Is there a connection between mood and mental health?


The answer to this question is YES! Your mood really depends on your state of mind and mental health defines your state of mind. Your mood is sad and happy depending on what your mental health status might be.


How to lift your mood and your mental health?


You can try out some ways to help your mood and mental health have a good time and take care of you. Follow these wonderful ways:


1) Remember to sleep well


We know, you are thanking us, but there is no secret that good sleep can definitely get you a good mood and mental health status.

When your brain is in good health, everything is fine. You must take enough sleep so that your mind is not thinking too much. Like all other living beings, even humans have to follow a routine that includes good sleep.


Now, sleeping too much is also not correct. You must have heard men and women saying that they feel sad and sleep a lot. This can be because they are depressed and like to choose sleeping as the escape.


2) Your mood and mental health boost needs a hobby


To keep your mind away from things that depress you. You must do something else. What great other than learning new things? You should opt for a new hobby.


Learn a new instrument or start painting or dance classes. It is true that to get to someplace you need to get out of one. Hence to overcome depression, you must do something new and different.


3) Arijit Singh or Ed Sheeran? Which soothes your mood and mental health


You can stop chasing your metal rock for the time. Listen to calming music that gives a good rest to your head. Get your iPods and headphones. Music has a therapeutic effect.

You might find many options on Youtube, which will give you a good calm mind after listening. We know that to overcome depression, listening to music is not the solution, but it definitely helps.


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4) Good Food for all your mood


When your mind is nourished well, you are mentally fit as well. You think in a better way, you are more and more energetic. We are not saying that do not eat the food you love, but eat food that is healthy and you love.


A ham sandwich or a yummy pancake will be a healthy breakfast. You must try them, also eat salads and drink lots of water to keep yourself going.


5) You will feel good when you run it out


Get the adrenaline rush going. You must exercise. When you go for a walk or run or maybe a session of Zumba, you are focusing on something good. It energizes you and helps you overcome depression.


It will make you fit, and well, your favorite dress just might fit you better. Feel good and keep negative thoughts away. Running and working out just makes it easier to lift up your mood and mental health.


6) Dil ko dhadkne do


When someone is sad, then their creativity and sense of fun may seem blocked. Exercise your imagination and you do not only get those creative juices flowing, but you also loosen up some positive emotions.


Take time to play with a friend or a pet, or do something fun for yourself. Find something to laugh about — a funny movie, perhaps. Laughter helps lighten your mood. Have you not heard “Laughter is the best medicine? “


In the times when your mood and mental health does not seem to match, you must try our suggestions. Maybe you will be happier.


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